Have you been told a million times that you’re too sensitive?

I know I have. And, in fact, I have often felt things more deeply and taken criticism more harshly than perhaps I should. I always thought that I was “overly-sensitive” – and that was a bad thing.

  • I judged myself harshly.
  • I felt I had to be “perfect” (even though I now know as an adult that there is no such thing as “perfection”).
  • I placed tough expectations on myself to excel – and certainly to never “fail”.

If you are a coach or entrepreneur too, you can probably relate. You probably have held yourself to high standards, and felt weak or “too sensitive” at times, too, right? #jointheclub

Being sensitive though can take you down faster than ANYTHING. It can spin you into overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue when you least expect it.

What you may not know is that you may be feeling overly sensitive because your chakras are imbalanced.

YEP! Your energy centers are off kilter and throwing everything into a tailspin. #whowouldhaveguessed

That’s why I’m THRILLED to be inviting Alexis Saloutos, founder of Chakredy®, to share more about the chakras in a complimentary LIVE webinar.

Typically, when I do webinars, I am the guest expert, but for this one I am thrilled to be the host! I invite you to join me for:


Click HERE to register for the webinar.

As you know, as a Legal Coach® & Holistic Attorney®, I align 7 major legal steps with the 7 chakras. I have always been fascinated with the chakras.

Alexis has been one of my own personal energy healers and I am proud to have taken her Chakredy Immersion course and been trained in her Chakredy® Chakra Assessment Method Level 1 Training, so I know Alexis and her work first-hand!


Alexis has taught me so much about how to assess my own energy in each of my chakras that I wanted to gift you with this webinar to help YOU learn EVEN MORE about the chakras too, so you can tell when they are out of balance and how to quickly shift your energy.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to be conscious of your energy on a daily basis (and why this matters no matter what kind of entrepreneur you are!).
  • How to tell when your 7 chakras are unbalanced.
  • What tangible steps you can do right now to open the flow of your energy.
  • How to shift your sensitivity to become your superpower.

And, perhaps the best part? Alexis will be doing distance Chakra Assessments for a few volunteers during the webinar so join us for a free energy consultation! (Trust me, she is always spot on!)

What Alexis does is so freaking unique and cool that I feel honored to support her and share her work with you as her friend, colleague, affiliate and client. #alexisrocks

So who is Alexis?


In case you don’t know her, Alexis Saloutos is the founder of Chakredy®, which provides vibrational remedies to support chakra and organ energies, energetic assessments & healing methods.

With a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and too many certifications to count, she is a powerful and heartfelt healer who can quickly determine the energetic blocks that are holding you back.

I am sooooooo excited to be sharing Alexis’s knowledge with you in this free webinar! #chakralove

Sign up for the webinar HERE to learn how to balance your chakras and shift your energy.

Here’s to learning how to turn your sensitivity into your superpower and to balancing your chakras on December 10th with Alexis and me!

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