The legal world can be a dog-eat-dog world.

Harsh. Cruel. Unforgiving. And full of animosity.

Okay, it’s not always that dramatic, but let’s just say that lawyers are known for being strong, driven, competitive, and sometimes even cutthroat.

However… there CAN be a “softer side to the law”, as I like to call it.

There CAN be a way for lawyers to work together and collaborate rather than compete. #absolutely

Enter Gena Shingle Jaffe and Lisa Fraley (that’s me!)  We both are:

  • Lawyers who once worked in prestigious, fancy law firms.
  • Health-conscious gals. Gena’s a former collegiate gymnast and I’m a Heath Coach & former marathoner.
  • Total Geminis who “do law” in an entirely different way – fun and light!
  • Sparkly AND spiritual. Gena’s into pink and unicorns, and I dig chakras and energy. #yinandyang

When we told people we were thinking of coming together to do a video series, webinars and a legal course their response was, “Um, why on earth would you want to work with your competition?”

But that’s the thing.

Gena and I don’t view each other as competition.

When we first connected, instantly we both were respectful, open and generous with each other. (And, sadly, both of us have had experiences with other online lawyers who weren’t so respectful, open or generous with either of us.)

We were beyond THRILLED to know that we both FAR preferred to support and help each other, rather than work against each other. #whatsthepointofthat

Competing doesn’t feel good.
Collaborating feels much better.
Don’t you agree?

I mean, why even think about competing when you can collaborate?

And, as Danielle LaPorte (love her!) says in her best-selling book The Desire Map, determine how you want to feel and head toward your core desired feelings. “Each feeling is a beacon that attracts a reality. Love attracts love. Generosity creates a generous response…. So choosing to focus on life-affirming feelings is the surest way to create the experience you want.” (p. 31)

I don’t know about you but I want to focus on yummy kindness, generosity and collaboration.

And, when you believe in abundance in the Universe, there’s really no need to compete.

There’s no scarcity.
There’s enough for everyone.

Gena and I are choosing the experience of working together because we believe in abundance and we want to bring you more. #wondertwinsactivate

In fact, we even had a photo shoot together in Boston this summer with fab photographer, branding + biz coach Amber Lilyestrom. Check out these fun pics!


So, what are we cooking up together?

First up, a 6-part video series where you can sample a few of Gena’s videos and a few of my videos to learn legal tips and tricks that will keep your legal buns covered. Totally free. Yay!

The first video drops this FRIDAY 10/16 so check out the free video series here.

We can’t wait to show you what working together can do to protect you, your biz and your brand.

Here’s to getting legally covered and to collaboration over competition!

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