As women, we often face an inner battle, not feeling confident as business owners and unable to step into our own power.  #canyourelate

We create our business as part of our life’s purpose, but we are sometimes we’re left wondering how to find the secret sauce of matching that with our entrepreneurial genius to create a thriving business.

We know there’s a way to balance the “softer side” of our intuition and spirituality with the “harder side” of marketing and business — all the while staying true to our inner compass.

As entrepreneurs, we want to create success on our own terms. #iknowido

The Be GREAT Conference in Seattle from October 23-25 is all about how to blend both parts of you – your soulful side AND your business smarts!

And because I want YOU to step into your soul’s purpose and align with your powerhouse business skills (ahem, who doesn’t?!), I am giving away 3 tickets to the event, valued at $349 each.

It’s easy-peasy (as my friend Susan Ferraro would say!) to win a free ticket – and I’m giving away 3!

It only takes 2 seconds to share with me (in 250 words or less – short and sweet!) how you want to Be GREAT in your work by better aligning your business strategy with your soul and spirit.

But, hop on it, my friend! There’s just today and tomorrow to click HERE to enter by October 1 at 11:59pm ET.


If your entry is selected, you will be notified by e-mail on October 2 and will have 24 hours to claim your ticket, so watch your e-mail to see if one of those 3 tickets has YOUR name on it!

Do you want to Be GREAT in your business bringing ALL of yourself to your biz in an authentic, aligned way? Yeah, thought so… Me too.

Here’s to creating success on our own terms, using both our spiritual side AND our business smarts!

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