Are you hosting a live overnight event such as a retreat or getaway? Or have you always wanted to host one but you’re afraid of the liability?

Don’t fret!

An Overnight Retreat Agreement takes the fear out of having an adult version of a girls’ slumber party.

It’s one of the best ways to protect yourself – whether your retreat is at a local hotel or an exotic resort halfway across the world.

Having an Overnight Retreat Agreement creates a clear understanding with your attendees so you all can relax and not worry – and just have fun!

Overnight Retreat agreement

Recently one of my clients fully confessed that she was too afraid and she didn’t schedule an overnight event (even though she was DYING to!) because she was concerned of what might happen. Things like:

  • What if someone hurts themselves during the retreat?
  • What if I serve a beautiful gourmet luncheon and someone has an allergy to nuts and they have a negative reaction?
  • What if we get into some deep stuff – I don’t want them to think I’m a therapist!
  • What if I want to take photos or videos of the event – don’t I have to get their permission or something?

When I told her that she could relax if she had the right contract in place, she was relieved that she didn’t have to stay up all night hugging her pillow and staring at the ceiling wondering what to do. (True story!) She could actually catch some zzzzzs.

It’s a quick and easy template, designed specifically for entrepreneurs, that lets you relax, knowing you have put everything in writing so you can keep your attendees safe – and you out of trouble.

It covers expectations, liability, media, travel, accommodations, meals, and activities so everyone can have a happy and productive event.

It sets the ground rules, creates boundaries and avoids confusion so nothing is ambiguous (even when a spontaneous pillow fight erupts!)

You’ll need it if you’re planning an overnight event soon.

Cover your buns with an Overnight Retreat Agreement HERE.

You don’t have to feel scared having a live overnight event when you have the right legal language in place. The DIY Overnight Retreat Agreement makes it easy and cost-effective for you to do just that. (That’s the whole point!)

Here’s to your first (or next!) fun-filled – and worry-free – overnight retreat!

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