I have been a Legal Coach for the past 3.5 years. (Amazing how time flies!)

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and you know what? Consistently across the board, I have found that each and every person has done their best work, made their smartest decisions, and earned the greatest profits when they have CLARITY, GUIDANCE and SECURITY when it comes to the legal parts of their business.

When you have CLEAR policies in place, GUIDANCE in taking the right steps at the right time, and SECURE boundaries (both practically and energetically), you EXPAND your biz and THRIVE in your work.

That’s why ALL that I want for you is to be:

  • armed with every single legal template you could ever need, from client contracts to website disclaimers, so you’re prepared to protect your business for life.
  • confident that your website has every bit of legal “jargon” necessary to make sure your content, products, and services are fully safeguarded from thieves, copycats, and wannabes.
  • set up as the legit business entity that makes the most sense for your goals, and you’re certain of that.
  • crystal clear on what needs to be trademarked or copyrighted, to ensure you’re covered.
  • ready to provide clients with customized agreements that make them feel safe, and protect both of you.
  • provided with answers to your big legal questions so you’re prepared to make smart, professional decisions (and feel like a total #rockstar!)

Lucky for you, I have just the thing that will give you all of that in one place. The 8-week legal course co-created by Gena Shingle Jaffe and me.

And TODAY is your last chance to sign up for Damsel goes bare™, as doors close TONIGHT at 11:59pm ET sharp.


Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity with Gena and I to get your legal needs covered, your questions answered, and all the Legal Love you can handle (because it’s really all about the love).

Join us HERE TODAY before the doors close and this Damsel leaves the building.

Here’s to having clarity, guidance and security through your legal docs so you can EXPAND your biz and THRIVE!

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