Your client wants a refund.

Your online course is launching and you’re a little worried you don’t have anything protecting your stuff.

Your new 1:1 program policies aren’t in writing.

You’re lacking in the legal department – and you know it – but you reaaaaally don’t want to deal with the “legal stuff” because it is (a) overwhelming, (b) expensive, (c) confusing, and (d) scary…or all of the above!

I know. The legal stuff is probably not at the top of your to do list.

However, I bet you A MILLION BUCKS that you secretly wish that you:

:: Have a strong “no refund” policy in place so you don’t have to give refunds.
:: Protect your online course videos & pdfs so no one can copy them.
:: Have a written agreement for your 1:1 clients so they can’t wiggle out of it.

You’re in luck – Gena and I have made it super-easy to get all of these documents. Right now. In one place. No joke!

We created the Damsel goes bare™ LITE and FULL course to make laying your legal groundwork easy to use, understand and implement… whether you just want the basics and work at your own pace (with a cup of tea curled up on your couch) OR you want it all and you like the support of a lively live course, Q&A calls, Facebook group to guide you.

But don’t listen to us!

Here’s what our student, Ariel Frey had to say about our Damsel goes bare™ legal course the last go-around:


Ariel Frey 2 Testimonial

If you’re like Ariel and have been wanting to get legal – and feel so supported as you do it (that’s the key part!) – now is the time to join us.

Here’s what you receive through Damsel goes bare™: 

  • terms of use to protect your online program content
  • client agreement for your 1:1 services
  • terms & conditions and privacy policy for your website
  • business entities, trademarks and copyright lessons
  • disclaimers for your website

You could hire another lawyer to do all of these things for you and the estimated cost would be wayyyyyyyyy over $20,000!!!

And that’s without teaching you a THING to become self-sufficient and understand what each legal document is and why you need it.

But, we believe that being empowered as a business leader about the legal stuff is absolutely critical for you to be able to show up as the CEO of your biz and to stand up for your work. #truth

You can pay a small fortune those documents OR you can have WAY more fun with Gena and me, save WAY more money, and get WAY more educated, and we throw in lots of sparkle and soul. (Easy choice, right?)

DGB cupcakes

Choose from 2 versions based on what suits you – the LITE or the FULL course.

Which course is right for you?

DAMSEL GOES BARE™ LITE – If you just want the basics and to go at your own pace, you’ll the 4 “legal musts” for your biz – your Website Disclaimer, Website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and 1:1 Client Agreement. Done!

DAMSEL GOES BARE™ FULL– If you want it ALL, including access to Gena and me and the support of a live course, weekly Q&A calls & Facebook group where we cover 1 legal document/concept a week for 6 weeks (7 legal documents total!), then this is what you want.

With both courses, you receive legal templates ready for you to customize and video legal lessons to watch so you understand what the heck each document says and how to use it so you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. #legallove

AND OUR (TIME-SENSITIVE) *BONUS*! Join either LITE or FULL by WEDNESDAY, MAY 4th , you get a bonus Independent Contractor Template ($397 value ALONE!) to hire your VA, graphic designer or team member.

Click here to join Damsel goes bare™ LITE or FULL – and get your FREE BONUS Independent Contractor Agreement before it’s gone on Wednesday! *poof!*

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