“Lisa, what does your dream life look like?”

Luxurious facials every week?

More days off from work?

A beach cottage in Oahu?

Every time one of my coaches has asked me that question, I have stumbled to come up with an answer….

“Ummm….I am not really sure. I am pretty happy with my life right now. I live in a gorgeous place. I have a thriving business. I feel very loved and supported in all areas of my life. Sure, I could always add more moolah to my bank account and step back from my work to take more time to travel, but overall, I’d say my life is pretty good.”

Then a pause.

Says the Coach: “That’s great! You have built a beautiful life! But, when you really stop and think about it, Lisa, and lean into your absolute DREAM LIFE…what do you really, really, REALLY want?”

Silence. There’s a longer pause. Crickets.

I got nada.

Let’s face it:

:: It could be that I am “upper limiting” (a la one of my favorite books – The Big Leap by Gay and Marcia Hendricks – be sure to read it if you haven’t yet!) and blocking what my dream life looks like.

:: It could be that I am denying myself WANTING more than what I currently have.

:: Or, it could be that I honestly have NO idea whatsoever what I “really, really, REALLY want”.

So what’s a girl to do? #totallyperplexed

Enter Priscilla Stephan, Intuitive Business Coach Extraordinaire.

Recently, I had a “Dream Life Activation Session” with Priscilla which completely BLEW MY MIND. Priscilla led me through an Akashic Record Reading about – get this! –  what my SOUL ALREADY WANTS FOR ME – when it comes to living my dream life, including what that means about what I truly desire when it comes to time, money, environment, business and self-care.

It was incredibly revealing for me, especially around how much money my soul is already poised to receive, how much time off from work I truly want or need, and what really makes my soul happy.

My dream life became clearer to me.

For example, I realized that:

:: I am poised to write a book (actually 3!), do more public speaking/teaching and tell my story on stage to help other women step into their own power, visibility and vulnerability.

:: I thrive best when I take long weekends to travel, change scenery, attend retreats, feed my soul and create breathing space in my busy schedule.

:: I am replenished when being very close to water and nature (good thing I live in New England where both are plentiful!).

And so much more. Everything that was revealed completely resonated with me. All of it felt aligned and I recognized that it would maximize my happiness.

It was an enormous paradigm shift for me – because now I know that my brain doesn’t need to grasp for answers to those questions when asked. #nomorebrainfreeze

The answers are already WITHIN me.

My soul already knows what my dream life looks like. #boom

If you want to know more or start uncovering the roadmap that YOUR unique dreams reveal to you, check out Priscilla’s new video series, The 3 Secrets to Activate Your Dream Life. Check it out HERE. (And yes, you will see my very own testimonial on this page!)


Just for the record, I am not an Affiliate for Priscilla. I am just so grateful to Priscilla because she has helped me change and direct my own life and my business in beautiful ways I would never have seen or known without her personal guidance and I know she can help you too. #legallovebomb

Here’s to uncovering what your soul wants for you and to activating YOUR dream life…just like I did!

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