Ahh, September.

It’s back to school time. #momsarerejoicing

There’s a crisp feel to the air (here in Maine, anyway). #leavesarechanging

Back to school time means it’s time to take stock of things. It’s time to get organized and get all of our ducks in a row. The cooler temperatures mean it’s time to hunker down just a little and reassess our biz.

And with Mercury Retrograde approaching it means that it’s a perfect time to review and realign where you put your energy in your life and your business.

In this month of taking stock, reviewing and realigning, I am curious… how do you want to FEEL in your business?

Maybe you want to feel:


while you take a flying leap into your next phase of entrepreneurship.


as you create exciting new programs or offerings that you are dying to share.


when you hang out your shingle as a “real” business owner.


in knowing that the work you are offering to the world is transformational and life-changing.


with smart legal documents written in plain English and easy to understand.


in exactly what legal steps to take – the ones you REALLY need right now.


You can!

And here’s the thing.

When you FEEL all of these things, you can BE all of these things.

You can be:


with solid legal footing to support your business – AND your root chakra.


with 8 legal documents, like your Client Agreement, to help you feel safe to expand and create whatever you want!


and confident because you KNOW you’re setting your business up right – BEFORE something bad happens.


so when you bare your heart-felt website to the world you know your buns are covered.


to share your message and work on a broader scale through group programs and online courses with the right terms & conditions in place.


to share your deepest work with others from an authentic, aligned place knowing you aren’t exposing yourself to risk.


I want to FEEL and BE all of those things.

And, I want you to FEEL and BE all of those things too.

Which is why I created get legally covered so you can go bare™ –  so you can actually FEEL and BE safe enough to go bare and share your biggest, most beautiful gifts with the world.


Give yourself permission to cover your buns. Sign up HERE.

In this course I’ll guide you to get your legal steps in place in a way that is easy to understand and that actually makes the law fun – not scary or intimidating.

Just hear how Beth felt after she had the guts to go bare™:


The course begins on Monday, Sept 21 so there are just a few days left to sign up. Enrollment ends this Friday!  Are you ready? Join us now so you can FEEL and BE legally protected.

To FEELING and BEING what you want for your biz, and to having the guts to go bare!

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