Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at The Health Coach Group Mastermind at Club Med in Florida.  I was asked to specifically address some of the legal worries of new Health Coaches.  (Little did I know that I would also be flying through the air with the greatest of ease… but more on that in a sec.)

One of the biggest concerns I hear all the time is that Health Coaches are afraid of putting themselves out there because they don’t know what the law allows them to do in the state where they practice.

So I decided to speak about “What Can I Legally Do in My State as a Health Coach?” to remove the fear of being in a “red state” or“green state” (as labeled by the Center for Nutrition Advocacy), and shed light on some of the most restrictive and permissive state laws in the country.

For any of us, it is easy to be paralyzed with fear when we don’t know what to do – or the right steps to take.

My goal for the presentation was to share information that would help new Health Coaches feel more confident and empowered so they could stop holding themselves back.


And it worked.

In Fact, one of the Health Coaches at the event approached me and shared that she and her physician husband wanted to start a new non-traditional practice together.  They had met with a local attorney who her husband had worked with for YEARS, but she was worried because the attorney “just didn’t get online businesses” so they haven’t moved forward with following their dream.  I could visibly sense the depths of her relief when she said, “You have NO idea how glad I am to have found you because I know you get what we do. And now I am clear about what I can do in my state and where to get ANSWERS for our business!”

Bingo. To get ANSWERS.  All she needed to move forward was answers.  She had been stuck and holding herself back because she did not have access to the right information.

It may seem obvious, but when we know what to do, our nervous system relaxes, we move out of paralysis, and we begin to take action.

One of my main goals is always to help entrepreneurs get into action. So for my second presentation at the Mastermind, I shed legal light on the key steps that most entrepreneurs need to take when just starting out.  I shared that “The First 3 Legal Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Business” are:

  1. Having a thorough Website Disclaimer accessible in the footer of your website.
  2. Using a Client Agreement to protect your income (if you work with one-on-one clients.)
  3. Filing the proper Business Registration, Insurance and Tax information as a Sole Proprietor.


I gave key information to help the attendees get clear about the right steps to take.

Because when we get clear, we gain confidence.

And when we feel confident, we take action.

And when we take action, we can SOAR in our business – and in our lives.


It’s like a gigantic chain reaction.

We start out with the right information… and we end up soaring.

When we know what to do, we can push fear aside, stand in our power, and leap into action. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we can find ourselves flying through the air.

Case in point.

This is me.  This is me at Club Med.  This is me at Club Med climbing up the ladder to the flying trapeze.

This is me, climbing 3 stories up, rung by rung, with my heart beating wildly.

This is me, shaking like a leaf as I learned what to do, breathed deeply, held onto the bar, stepped off the platform, followed my commands, and trusted the process.

This is me leaping into the unknown, hanging by my knees, dismounting with a back flip, and exhaling a sign of relief.

This is me (doing what appears to be) soaring through the air with the greatest of ease.


However, what these photos DON’T show is that this is also me.

WAY out of my comfort zone.

Sweating buckets.

Feeling boatloads of fear.

And doing it anyway.

Because when we have the right information and get clear, our confidence allows us to take action and soar…EVEN in the midst of our heart-pounding fear.

So how about you?  In these next few weeks before the end of the year, how can you get the right information so you can get clear?  How can you take action and let yourself soar?

A friendly warning to you: Stepping out on a limb may be involved.  But a flying trapeze is not required.

If you want to get clear about the right legal steps to take for YOUR business before 2014 comes to an end, just grab a (free) 20-minute Legal Chat and I am happy to gift you with CLARITY!

Here’s to getting Legally Enlightened™ and to soaring to new heights!

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