You’re a brilliant biz owner, but you may be feeling less-than-savvy with the legal parts lately.

You want legal protection so you can feel confident, empowered and safe to create anything you want.

But where to begin?

And how to do it on a budget?

And how to translate all the legalese into plain English?

And what exactly does everything need to say to cover you?

It’s enough to make your head spin!

Not to worry, my friend.

Gena Shingle Jaffe and I are lawyers who are entrepreneurs and coaches too.

We GET you.

We don’t do things like normal lawyers.

We spread legal love around with sparkles and soul.We have pink hair (Gena), run marathons (Lisa), do cartwheels (Gena), and love green tea (Lisa).

We’ve worked in major corporate law firms and had multiple successful six-figure launches (both of us!)

AND we give you FREE legal information that you would normally have to pay for!

We’re thrilled to be sharing an all new Free 3-Part Legal Master Class Webinar Series beginning Tuesday, October 11 to help you learn all of the legal basics you need to know – starting with contracts.




It’s time to stop worrying that you don’t have the right legal language in place because you copied and pasted some random contract from the internet (which will leave gaps for sure!) or used someone else’s contract language (which is actually stealing their intellectual property – seriously, please don’t do that.)

You need to use the right language for YOU based on exactly what you do.

That’s why we’re giving you a content-filled class with action items you can do right away to protect your biz booty.

Join us for our first Legal Master Class webinar on client contracts HERE

And get ready to:

  • Get clear on your client policies and enforce them with confidence
  • Learn how to set up your written client contract to make it official
  • Know what key language NEEDS to be in your contract to protect yourself

(The Master Class will be recorded but you’ll need to sign up to receive it!)

If you’ve ever had to give a refund when you haven’t wanted to…
If you’ve ever been frustrated that clients keep missing calls…
If you’ve ever wondered if you really need to use a written agreement…

In this webinar, you’ll learn the skinny about client contracts and why you need to use them with 1:1 clients so you can protect your time, energy and income – ESPECIALLY your income!

You’ll walk away knowing exactly:

  • What is a “contract” anyway?
  • Why do I even need one?
  • When do I need to use it?
  • What exact sections need to go in a client contract?
  • Why you can’t copy your friend’s contract!
  • How to get a contract you can use right away in your biz

In each Master Class webinar, you’ll get powerful legal tips that you can use right away, but you’ll also hear about our signature legal course, Damsel goes bare™, the LIVE course – and self-study version – for small business babes who like their legal knowledge served up with a side of personalized soul and sparkle.

Gena and I look forward to helping you create the right client contract just for you!

Sign up HERE for our first Master Class webinar on client contracts on October 11th!


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