Using legal documents in your business can feel scary – especially if you have never used them before or you have had a bad past experience.

Sometimes it can feel scary to send a Client Agreement to a new client. You may worry that it will scare them off, or they might be turned off by all of the “legalese”, or you might feel stressed out because you are stepping outside of your comfort zone by using a legal document for the first time.

I totally get it. A lot of entrepreneurs feel that way when they think about using contracts in their business, but, using a Client Agreement doesn’t have to feel cold or scary or stressful.

Did you know that you can get BETTER RESULTS if you use a contract when you are in a mindset of feeling safe, secure, positive and empowered?

Having a positive mindset can impact your results. In a big way. Even with the legal stuff… in fact, ESPECIALLY with the legal stuff.


You may have caught my FREE LEGAL TIP OF THE DAY on Facebook earlier this week: Amplify the Positive.

What this means is that when you load up on positive thoughts, feelings, relationships, goals and dreams for yourself – and for your business, and THEN enter into contracts with clients and team members from this high level energetic frequency and mindset, you will have a better outcome. You will have BETTER RESULTS if you enter any contract with LEGAL LOVE and kindness.

Why is that exactly?

The actual wording of the document and legal protections within it are key, don’t get me wrong. The Client Agreement needs to have strong boundaries around expectations, communication, payments and more. You need to establish clear communication from the start so that you can both be on the same page – which avoids uncomfortable conversations later about late payments or missed calls.

And, your contract needs to be personalized just for you and your programs and services – because your business and services are unique and generic documents just leave too many loopholes.

But, the mindset and energy that you give out as you present your agreement to your new client really do matter. They matter a lot. Because clients follow your lead. The more comfortable and secure you feel in using the document, the more comfortable they feel. Your energy and your mindset set the tone for your interaction. If you amplify the positive… your clients will feel LOVED UP – instead of turned off or afraid.

So, if you are using a Client Agreement for the first time or you need to move from using a generic document which isn’t really protecting you, I encourage you to work with a lawyer who will help you feel empowered in knowing and understanding EXACTLY what the agreement says and how it has been personalized to protect YOU and YOUR business.

Then, when it is time to send the document to your client, use this LEGAL LOVE TIP:

Take a moment to get grounded.
Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Load up on positive feelings in your body and your mind.
Set the intention of entering into this new Client Agreement with compassion and kindness.
THEN, when you are ready, send your document from this space and energy.
Full of Legal Love.

It may sound a bit corny, but I believe that the energy that you give out is the energy you get back. That’s the Law of Attraction.

I bet you will find that you enter into your new contract from this place of safety, security, confidence, cooperation and respect, you won’t be coming from fear, stress, worry or scarcity mindset. I bet you will also discover that your clients feel happy, relaxed, and cared for as well.

This isn’t your typical tip from a lawyer, right? That’s part of my special sauce as a Legal Coach® and Holistic Lawyer™.

If you have questions about what terms EXACTLY should be included in a Client Agreement, or you know that it’s time to have a lawyer prepare you a top-notch, detailed Client Agreement to cover all of your bases, just grab a FREE 20-minute Legal Chat or click here to find out more about my Client Agreement package.

Here’s to Getting Your Legal Ducks in a Row™ while Amplifying the Positive!
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