If you have ever created a program, or written an e-book, or launched a product, you might have wondered….

“Do I need some kind of legal language to protect me? Should I have some kind of disclaimer?” You might have worried that someone might misread something you wrote and thought, “I don’t want someone to sue me!”

You are wise to be thinking that you need SOMETHING to protect you!  And it’s about time that I held a free legal call to give you what you need.

Join me for a free legal call where you will receive the EXACT language you need.

Yep!  If you have been looking for the RIGHT legal language for your program or e-book, you will be jumping up and down with joy that I am holding this call. Why?

On Wednesday, April 8th, I am going to walk you through “How to Write a Mini-Disclaimer” – and you’ll receive a free template!


What you’ll learn:

  • 2 BIG WAYS that a disclaimer protects you.
  • #1 REASON why you need a mini-disclaimer on everything you write.
  • The BEST strategy to protect yourself so you can write ANYTHING YOU WANT!

And, the part I am MOST excited about is that you’ll get a free, ready-to-use mini-disclaimer template that you can easily personalize for you and your business.

You’ll also learn how your mini-disclaimer ties into your big disclaimer on your website, and how it supports your root chakra so you can share that program or e-book with the world without fear or worry.

Sign up now for the free legal call at lisafraley.com/mini-disclaimer

If you can’t make it live, no worries!  Just sign up and you’ll receive the recording.

Are you ready to get legally covered with a mini-disclaimer? I sure hope so!  I look forward to seeing you on the call!

Here’s to free calls, mini-disclaimers, and getting legally covered!