We know the law can feel scary, so we LOVE to make it fun, light and easy to understand. That’s why Gena & I partnered up — to bring you legal in a more sparkly and soulful way.

And what better way than FREE!!

I wanted to get right to the point today by telling you that we have a fabulous, free video series to help you “get legal”.

We’ve put together 6 videos for you to help you cover your beautiful business booty.

Here’s a sneak peek into the videos that you’ll receive starting April 13th once you sign up:


In our 6-part video series, you’ll learn:

:: The scary legal fiascos that you need to avoid at all costs!
:: How to protect your perfectly created copy, so it stays YOURS.
:: What legal safeguarding you actually need.
:: If you need to trademark, or if you can save that money!
:: All about privacy policies for your clients’ peace of mind.
:: The importance of client contracts for your type of biz!

That’s right – all that info for freeeee! We believe that education is empowering and we want you to understand what it is that you need! We’ve got your back!

Sign up for the free video series here. The first video will be released on April 13th!

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