What do you do if the best tools in your toolbox fall flat and nothing’s working?

You support them with compassionate coaching, helpful suggestions, and action steps.

But sometimes they don’t follow your recommendations, and they struggle to get results. You try every trick in your book to help them and progress is verrrrrrry slow. Transformation takes time, but what the heck else can you do?

Call in other experts.

My clients come to me all the time feeling responsible for their clients’ results. (Let me give you a little Legal Love tip: You are NOT responsible for their results!)

Sometimes, you just need to turn to other coaches with niche expertise who help clients solve specific problems.

One of my favorite health coach experts is Summer Bock. She coined the term “Fermentationist” and she’s known for her gut-rebuilding programs.

In fact, I spent time with Summer at JJ Virgin’s Mindshare Summit in San Diego a few weeks ago.

Here’s a picture of us all decked out for the ‘70s party with our friends Jessica Drummond of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and Lara Adler, Environmental Toxins Expert. Summer’s on the far right. (Bummer you can’t see my knee-high white go-go boots to go with my wild dress in this photo!)


Mindshare Summit


If you don’t know Summer, she’s incredible. She went from being too sick to function to having outstanding focus, clarity, direction AND running two businesses. A few years ago, she even developed a fermented foods business called Olykraut that she sold for a pretty penny.

Summer has a very cool “Showcase Club” membership program where she interviews top experts in their niche areas to show you how to get the best outcomes for your clients.


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.42.24 PM
What’s so cool is that in the Showcase Club, three times a month you can listen in on real life case studies, ask questions, and get the most cutting edge health information in interviews with top experienced holistic practitioners.

Summer addresses real life case studies submitted by members just like you – you know, the ones that stump, baffle, mystify and otherwise keep you from being the most effective healer and helper possible.

AND, she brings in top wellness practitioners and industry leaders to hear exactly how they would handle a tough case.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a successful practitioner’s session, imagine how much you can learn from this experiential approach where you get expert mentorship from the big hitters in the health world.

(No one does this!)

This year, Summer has interviewed these holistic practitioners so far:

JJ Virgin
Donna Gates
Marc David
Andrea Nakayama
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Dr. Tami Meraglia
Dr. Lauren Noel
Jessica Drummond
Tom Malterre
Ritamarie Loscalzo
Angelina DeWeese

And this month, Summer’s interviewing me!

If you love continually learning from the best in the biz you’re going to love these exclusive interviews with wellness rockstars.

Because Summer is freaking amazing, she’s offering a special trial to you as part of my tribe.

You can sign up HERE and get 30 days to listen to my interview and 2 other expert coaching sessions on case studies as well.

After that, you can continue your Showcase Club membership for $33/month – or you can cancel.

It’s totally worth checking out the Showcase Club for $1.Just one dollar!

You don’t have a lot of time to make a difference in someone’s life. You need to know how to help your clients with the best information and coaching methods available.

Here’s one of the best ways how.

Ready to rock your practice and your client’s world? Thought so.

Get your month of Showcase Club for $1 and listen to my interview with Summer here.

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