A client of mine is a yoga instructor and health coach who came to me because she wants to hold an all-day workshop at her local yoga studio.

She would love to fill the place with about 25 yogis and immerse them in vinyasa flow, meditation and then celebrate and share in community while sipping green smoothies. #iwanttogo

She could see this as the beginning of something new and beautiful in her biz where she brings together yoga and her passion for food and community. She even wants to hire a photographer for the workshop so she can highlight her workshop on her website and use the images to promote future workshops.

But, someone told her that she may need to get permission from her participants to be able to take their photos while they are in backbends or crow poses and enjoying their post-workout smoothies.

So she asked me: “What do I need to protect myself for this event, and do I need to get permission to share the photos afterwards on my site?”

I wanted to share with you what I told her because I’m guessing that you might be wondering the same thing if you host a live event or workshop for your peeps.


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I told her that there are 2 key documents she needs to cover her buns when it comes to live events:

1. Event Waiver

You want your participants to sign an Event Waiver for any in-person event. The purpose is to raise their awareness and to limit your liability. It tells your participants what what you are and are not responsible for and makes it clear that they are participating in your fab event at their own risk.

It also asks them to disclose to you at the start of the event any prior injuries (if they are doing any kind of physical movement, such as yoga), any allergies to food or other items, and any medical conditions you should be aware of that could be aggravated (like pregnancy).

It also lets them identify an emergency contact and spells out what would happen if someone gets injured – heaven forbid. It’s critical for empowering them to take personal responsibility for themselves and their body – and it covers your buns as well.

2. Media Release

If you want to take and share photos from the event, you also want your participants to sign a media release so you get their permission in advance to use their image, likeness or name on your website, on social media, or in any future promotions. You want to be sure they agree to letting you share their image and that they understand you aren’t compensating them for doing so.

You can breathe a sigh of relief – just like my yoga instructor client did! – feeling safe and secure to run your workshop with grace and ease knowing that you have taken some basic legal steps.

And just like my clients Keri and Lloyd felt when they put their Event Waiver in place for their business retreats for therapists, healers and coaches:



Are you hosting your own workshop or live event this summer and need to get your Event Waiver and Media Release pronto? Contact me for a free 20-minute Legal Chat and I’ll get you started.

Here’s to vinyasa yoga, green smoothies and covering your buns at LIVE EVENTS!

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