Testimonials are such a wonderful way to showcase your skills, results, and love for your clients.

If you’re coach or entrepreneur and you want to request a testimonial from your current or former client for one of your free or paid calls, webinars, programs, courses, services, products, live events, retreats – or more! – you’ll want to use a Testimonial Release.


A Testimonial Release is like a Disclaimer.

By signing it, your client is assuring you that they are voluntarily sharing their thoughts and disclaiming your liability.

It ensures that they understand IN ADVANCE that they are agreeing to let their testimonial, image, title, website, voice, and/or words be used in conjunction with your work.

A Testimonial Release protects you in 3 ways:

1. It stops you from worrying about having NOTHING legal in place to protect you so you feel safe to share comments, photos, audios or recordings.

2. It tells your clients that while you are grateful for their comments that they aren’t being compensated for them.

3. It creates boundaries and avoids confusion so nothing is ambiguous.

It also protects you ENERGETICALLY by helping you to get this basic layer of protection in place so you feel safe, which is associated with the root chakra.

When you have asked for testimonials, you want to be sure that you are using them with the permission of your client BEFORE you post their testimonial.

Getting your Testimonial Release helps you RELAX and NOT WORRY and cover your buns.

Get your DIY Testimonial Release HERE.

And when you do it yourself with the DIY Testimonial Release, you save hundreds and you can get covered 24/7 – even at midnight if you’re a night owl or at 6:00am if you’re an early bird!

Here’s to getting amazing testimonials from your beautiful clients – and to using a release to keep it legal!

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