Sometimes, when you’re a “giver”, you don’t always express to your clients where your boundaries are because:

  • You may not even be sure where your boundaries are yourself, or
  • You don’t want to appear cold or unapproachable by having harsh boundaries.

I TOTALLY get that.

That’s why it’s important to put legal protections in place when you’re a GIVER, so you can get CLEAR about boundaries.

When it comes to your website, the very first step to take to create boundaries is having a Website Disclaimer in place on your site.

HOW does a Website Disclaimer help you get CLEAR?

  • It tells others clearly that you are just providing info to help them be better informed and educated.
  • It also tells them that they need to use their OWN judgment before applying what you say to their own life or situation.
  • It shows that you are serious about where you draw your lines and boundaries about what is YOUR responsibility – and what is THEIR responsibility.

This is critical because when you’re a giver (like most entrepreneurs and coaches are!), ALL you want to do is GIVE and help others. #giversgonnagive


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