As an entrepreneur, I KNOW the LAST thing you want is to feel:

  • Confused and unsure what legal steps you need to take
  • Worried or scared that the lawyer down the street doesn’t “get” you or what you do
  • Frustrated that you spent money on legal docs that aren’t even right for you or your business

WHAT YOU REALLY WANT are legal steps that actually protect your and your biz, like:

  • Simple solutions to cover your buns
  • Easy to understand videos and audios in plain English – not legalese
  • Ready-to-use contracts and legal documents
  • Only the legal steps you need – and not the ones you don’t

Am I right, or am I right?

The law doesn’t need to complicated, drawn out or full of legal mumbo jumbo. In fact, it can even be (dare I say!) FUN!  #thelawisfuntoo

I created go bare™, the legal course for entrepreneurs to include lots of legal tips packaged into fun little video clips, like these:

  • “How a Website Disclaimer Covers Your Buns”
  • “How Your Client Agreement Helps You Never Chase Down a Dime”
  • “How to Keep Wanna-Be Copycats from Swiping your Copy”
  • “How to Practically Refund-Proof What You Sell Online”
  • “How Do You Know What’s Trademark-Worthy”

And MORE! Here’s a sneak peek at an ACTUAL video in the course so you can see exactly how I teach about LLCs and S-Corps:

Each video is short and sweet and to the point. Kind of like a postcard to your grandma from your recent sunny vacation. Or a Hershey’s Kiss. Or a tweet.

Because I know you have no freaking time to sit and watch long videos, but I want you to have to right information to cover your buns! #thatsforsure #makingiteasy

So, if you are on the fence and need to get your legal act together, I don’t want you to miss out!

TODAY is the last day to sign up to go bare! Registration ends today.

Here’s how Robin feels after getting legally covered:


And here’s what Lara said about the difference between working with her former lawyer and me:


Join me INSIDE with us before the doors close TONIGHT at 11:59pm ET!

We start the course on Monday!!! Are you in?

It’s your LAST CHANCE to sign up here.

Here’s to short video clips, postcards to your grandma, and to going bare TONIGHT!

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