I have discovered lately that many lawyers out there give you waaaaay too much information.

You just have a simple question like “Do I really need to form an LLC right now?” or “What do I need on my website to protect my content?” and you end up feeling like you overdosed on legalese just trying to get an answer to your question.

Lawyers can definitely be long-winded and we do love to talk.  (Guilty as charged.)

HOWEVER, drowning you in legal jargon, unnecessary flow charts, or uber-long explanations… well, that just drives me crazy.

I was talking with a coach friend today and I was saying that entrepreneurs JUST want to know the legal basics like:

  • WHAT do I need to do?
  • WHY do I need it?
  • WHEN is the right time for it?
  • HOW can I save money and do it myself, or do I really need a lawyer to help me?

That’s it.  And they just want it delivered with a whole lot of Legal Love™.

My friend said, “Lisa, this is EXACTLY what you do – and you need to let MORE people know that!”

So, here I write…

I do believe that you need to know and understand the legal document you are using – because you can’t answer your client’s questions or feel truly empowered if you have no idea what the document actually says. Knowledge is power, for sure.

But, at the same time, you only need to know the essential elements of the document (including what’s in that fine print), but you don’t need to feel like you went to law school yourself by the end of the conversation.  (Trust me on that one!)

My whole philosophy is to help you put ONLY those legal protections in place that your unique business actually needs, at the right time, and with just the right amount of explanation so you “get it” but you aren’t bogged down by too much legal mumbo-jumbo.

I want you to get your legal ducks in a row™ and be ENLIGHTENED about how to legally protect yourself, one step at a time.

That’s why I have created something I am really excited about – as a GIFT to you.  It’s called 7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened™ and it is a 7-day mini e-mail course delivered to your inbox so you can learn WHAT you need to protect yourself, WHY and WHEN you need it, HOW to save time and money, and create a LEGAL ROADMAP for your own business so you know what legal steps you need to take (and which ones you don’t!). Sign up will start Sunday, September 14, 2014 and go until course begins on Monday, September 22, 2014. It is a FREE gift to help you Get Legally Enlightened™ and after that it will be available for purchase through my website.

In the meantime, if you are itching for some Free Legal Tips right this very minute, you can check out my podcast interview with Amanda Cook of Wellpreneur Online from back in January about Client Agreements, Copyrights, Trademarks and more.

Here’s to knowing how to protect your Beautiful, Creative Self – and all of the gorgeous work that you do!

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