So, how’s business?

No, I mean REALLY…How IS business these days?

Are you living your dream?

Um, do you even know what your dream life looks like?

Don’t worry – some days I have NO idea what my dream life looks like either.

(Most days, actually.)

I see snippets of my dream life…things like mala beads in Bali, New York Times Bestseller lists, and TEDx talks worldwide… but the big picture of what I truly want is still a bit blurry. And that’s okay.

Many days I feel overwhelmed, overworked and overtired. And the irony is that I am my own #ladyboss. I run my own show. I choose to tire myself out! Ha!

If you’re like me, there are days where you feel like a hamster on a wheel too, moving your cute little legs so fast but not getting too far in mileage.

When we want to simply help our clients, we also have to create websites, post on social media, take payments online, build our brand, and safeguard our amazing unique content.

No wonder we are so freaking tired.

But, here’s the good news.

In the past 4 years that I have been a Legal Coach & Attorney, I’ve learned a few strategies about what to do when I feel overwhelmed, overworked and overtired.

I’m still working on it myself some days, but I want to save you from hours of sobbing on the phone to your biz bestie (cause I’ve certainly done that!) by sharing some biz tools and legal know-how with you.

There are legit ways to cover your legal booty without getting overwhelmed and learn biz strategies from other coaches who are just a few steps ahead.

If you want to listen in for practical tools you can actually use, I’m sharing legal info with the gorgeous Christi Cass, Certified Holistic Health Coach, in her Master Class series.

In this Master Class “un-summit”, you’ll hear advice on a range of topics from 15 other Health Coaches and guest experts like Andrea Beaman, Lara Adler, Robin Arutt, Kathleen LeGrys, Lisa Sarnowski, Amanda Goldman-Petri, and Katie Grant.

This Master Class series covers a ton. List-building strategies. Thyroid health. Toxin-free living. Online visibility techniques. Legal protection for your biz. And much more.

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You’ll hear all kinds of strategies to take your biz and life to the next level…whatever that looks like for you.

You’ll also learn from me your first 3 legal steps as a Health Coach, what you really can and can’t say or do, and we dive in deep into the red state/green state distinction. It’s really critical stuff for you to protect yourself so you don’t want to miss it!

Sign up for the Master Class HERE. My “getting legal” conversation with Christi will be first up on April 4th.

Gain some “lessons learned” from coaches just a few years ahead of you and shorten the distance between where you are now and what you want.

Listen to the Master Class Series HERE. There’s no cost to listen in.

Here’s to your own version of mala beads in Bali & TEDx Talks Worldwide and to free Master Classes!

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