I have a dream to share with you.

A dream that started when I began my health coaching practice.

I dreamed of being on stage….

Of showing up as I really am.

Of being brave and stepping up and sharing my message.

Of feeling confident and powerful – and inspiring others to do the same.

And now that dream is coming true.

I am honored to be joining Kris Carr, Gabby Bernstein, Penni Shelton, Cathy Sykora, Randi Dukoff, and other fabulous speakers at the Health Mastery Retreat from November 4-8th at Club Med in Port Lucie, Florida.


Find out more and register by August 31 HERE!

On the same stage with Kris Carr.
And Gabby Bernstein.

Seriously?!  #dreamsreallydocometrue #sohonored #giddy

This event is hosted by The Health Coach Group, and let me tell you…if you know the founder of The Health Coach Group Cathy Sykora, then you know how great it’s going to be.

Cathy believes that:

The best prescription for health and success is having fun + taking care of yourself first because that yields inspiration, innovation and results.

Just ask anyone who has achieved what you want.

The best stuff came to them when they combined business with pleasure. #recipeforsuccess

The Health Mastery Retreat is where you will blend business and pleasure to reach your next level of success and soar to new heights.

And I’m not kidding!  Check out this photo of me last year at this event educating Health Coaches about legal steps one minute and then soaring through the air on a flying trapeze later that day!


(Look, Mom! No hands! Amazing, right??!)

The Health Mastery Retreat is for you if you are:

  • Passionate about health and wellness and want to grow your business
  • Eager to learn from your “health heroes” firsthand
  • Seeing others making 6 figures…and wondering “why not me?”
  • Desiring how to work with doctors and increase your client pool.
  • Wondering how to get into the corporate wellness arena
  • Worrying that your limiting beliefs are holding you back.
  • Happy to soak up the sun while having loads of fun!

You can have fun and take care of yourself AND build your business at the same time. #truth

How long has it been since you took time out to do that?

The Health Mastery Retreat will allow you time for things like:

  • Sunshine, swimming and sailing.
  • Tennis, golf, and volleyball – stay active with new friends!
  • Resting on the beach reading or listening to music.
  • Eating healthy meals to reset, re-energize, and renew your commitment to healthy eating.

It will also give you practical tools to build and protect your business.

You’ll hear speakers like:

  • Kris Carr will take us on her Crazy Sexy Health journey.
  • Gabby Bernstein will talk about Money and Miracles, Turning Your Passion into a Paycheck.
  • Penni Shelton will reveal your inner rockstar step by step.
  • Lisa Fraley (that’s me!) will be teaching you The Top 3 Legal Steps to Protect Your Health Coaching Business!

And so much more….

Believe me, my own business has grown and evolved so much since I attended last year’s event as a speaker and as an attendee.

In fact, I am a proud affiliate for this event because I believe so much in Cathy Sykora and The Health Coach Group…and this is a top-notch event.

Be sure to register for the Health Mastery by August 31st to secure your spot HERE.

Trust me, once you’ve experienced the thrill of the trapeze yourself and eaten the super-healthy French cuisine at Club Med, you’ll thank me.

I look forward to seeing you at Club Med in November.

Here’s to dreams coming true, business AND pleasure, and fun in the sun!

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