Are you getting ready to launch a new program or product and you want Affiliates to help spread the word?

If so, you’ll want to use Affiliate Terms & Conditions when you sign them up.

Your Affiliate Terms & Conditions are contractual terms that tell the Affiliate how marketing, sales credit and payment will work.


Get legally covered with Affiliate Terms & Conditions

You want your Affiliates to agree to your terms when they sign up so that they know what’s expected of them and how and when you are going to pay them for the peeps who sign up for your program using their unique Affiliate link.

Your Affiliate Terms & Conditions make 3 areas super clear:

  1. They say exactly what marketing you’re requiring your Affiliates to do – like send a solo e-mail to their list or post 3 social media posts during your launch.
  2. They spell out when the Affiliate will get credit for a sale – and whether or not you use cookies to track their promotions of your free calls prior to the cart opening.
  3. They explain when the Affiliate can expect payment after your cart closes, especially if your enrollees can pay with a payment plan or you have a refund period.

They also protect you ENERGETICALLY by ensuring that you have a kind and trusting relationship with your Affiliates since they essentially become an extension of your marketing team, which supports your 4th chakra, the heart chakra.

It’s critical that your Affiliate feels respected and appreciated for helping you out, and when you are clear about expectations and payments, they feel cared for and LOVED up!

Are you launching a program soon and you’re inviting Affiliates to promote it for you?

Then get your terms in place pronto so you can avoid confusion and build a loving relationship with your Affiliate team.

Get your DIY Affiliate Terms & Conditions HERE.

You’ll be glad you have your terms in writing so you can create clarity for you both.

Here’s to creating a heartfelt and powerful relationship with your Affiliates for your next fabulous launch!

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