As an entrepreneur, I am guessing that when it comes to using social media, you kinda might be wondering what you can and can’t do from a legal standpoint on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, right?

In fact, maybe some of these legal questions might have crossed your mind…

  • What are the 2-3 most important legal things I should do when building my business online?
  •  Is it okay to use a generic disclaimer that I find online and use it on my blog? Does it really protect me?
  • What’s the deal with using images on Facebook or my website? Do people really receive threatening e-mails demanding that photos be taken down – or threats of lawsuits?
  • If I want to include a recipe on my blog, can’t I change a few ingredients and call it my own without it being a copyright infringement?
  • What about Pinterest and Instagram? Do I really have to give the author credit for every photo I pin or repin?
  • What should be my first step – my top priority – in protecting my business online?

Thought you might be wondering about some of this stuff.

So Social Media Guru (and Health Coach herself) Melanie Deardorff of Social Media for Wellness Pros recently interviewed me for her blog – and I shared the answers to ALL of these questions – and more. (And Google Analytics showed that this has been her most popular blog entry EVER. Must be pretty juicy, yes?)

When it comes to social media, it’s good to be aware of where legal lines are drawn. And, even if you aren’t a health and wellness coach, no worries – these are great social media and legal tips that apply to EVERY entrepreneur who uses social media and blogs in your business.

Check out the article here:

Interview with Lisa Fraley, Attorney and Holistic Health and Life Coach – Social Media for Wellness Pros.

And, remember, if you have any questions about disclaimers, trademarks, copyrights or any other legal question as it relates specifically to YOUR business, just grab a 20-minute Legal Chat (gratis, of course!) so we can chat about it.

Here’s to getting your Legal Ducks in a Row™! Happy Summer!

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