Legalese. Ugh. Who wants that? We sure don’t! Our whole philosophy is to make getting legally covered legal-easy – not mucked up with legal mumbo-jumbo language that no one understands.


We are all about putting ease and grace back into the law. Helping you with:

:: Your Website Disclaimer – so you have basic legal protection on your site
:: Your Client Agreement – so you have ALL of your client policies in writing
:: Your Terms of Use – so your group program enrollees know the rules of the game
:: Your Website Terms & Conditions – so you keep website copy safe from swipers
:: Your Privacy Policy – so you protect confidential info from your clients


You can get legally covered with ALL of these documents – in one simple course for the cost of just ONE of these documents if you worked with an attorney one-on-one.

We wanted to make Damsel goes bare™ WAY less expensive and WAY more value than traditional lawyers (who don’t even get what you do).


Because the Damsel goes bare™ FULL course is legally loaded with over $20,000 worth of templates, education, and instruction – not to mention personal attention from us – for only $1,997 – or 10 payments of $247.

And the LITE version which is self-paced and DIY for ONLY $997!

We are offering incredible payment plans to make laying your legal groundwork extremely easy without breaking the bank.

$247 per month. To give yourself peace of mind and a rock solid legal foundation.

It’s a no-brainer.

You already know your business is going to be HUGE.

If you’re like most of our clients, it might be blowing up already.

Let’s make sure you’re set up for more than success.
Let’s make sure you’re set up for safety.
And confidence.
And professionalism.

Speaking of one of our clients, here is what Hannah Poles of The Baby Maven had to say after taking Damsel goes bare™ FULL:

“Reasons that I love Damsel goes bare™ (and Gena & Lisa):

(1) The PowerPoints: the PowerPoints had all of the information that I needed in concise, easy to understand terms. They left me feeling capable and knowledgeable without adding overwhelm.

(2) The Templates: Oh man, do I LOVE the templates! Having the template on hand while watching the PowerPoint made is ridiculously simple to customize.

(3) The Instructions: I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have step by step instructions that clearly laid out the process.

(4) The Support: Though there were lots of people working through Damsel goes bare with me, I always felt like Gena & Lisa went above and beyond to make sure that I got as much as possible out of the course. They were always readily available to answer questions, offer support and add clarity.

(5) Didn’t make me feel stupid: I’ll be the first to admit that legal stuff is waaaay outside of my expertise and comfort zone. So, I was a little worried that this course and all that it had to offer would be overwhelming or hard to understand (like all legal stuff I’d looked into in the past). I am happy to say that the course made me feel confident and empowered and safe. Gena and Lisa did an incredible job breaking things down and describing them in a way that I understood so I could comfortably integrate them into my biz.”

We think Hannah said it all, don’t you?

It’s time to get your legal ducks in a row.

Join us HERE to get legal support in the loveliest. legal-easy way.


DGB kisses

We can’t wait to welcome you to Damsel goes bare™!

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