Do you notice the signs when your body feels a little “off”?

Our body is talking to us all the time.

  • Chronic aches and pains can take the form of unexpressed feelings.
  • High blood pressure and asthma can reflect heart chakra imbalances.
  • A sore throat or sluggish thyroid can be signs of a blocked throat chakra.

Paying attention to our body is so important. Exercising. Getting enough rest. Eating fresh, healthy foods. Reducing sugar, wheat and dairy (yes, I know that can be hard sometimes!)

It seems like every time I turn around, I encounter someone who has a suspected thyroid imbalance, or even thyroid disease.

Did you know that a thyroid imbalance affects 1 in 7 women, and impacts every single system of the body?

Yep! It’s so common. In fact, a few years ago, I personally struggled with a thyroid imbalance.

I had an inkling that my thyroid issues had something to do with not fully stepping into my voice and sharing my message with the world. #intuitivehit

At the time I was still playing small and not bringing the “Woo” part of me into my work as a Legal Coach® and Holistic Lawyer®. #thelawisspiritualtoo


So I worked with spiritual healers, got support from friends and family, and connected with other entrepreneurs in my online tribe to get the SPIRITUAL support I needed to expand my courage, vulnerability and visibility. #gobare

And even though I am a Health Coach myself, to address the PHYSICAL side, I wanted to learn even more about thyroid health so I sought the help of my friend, Robin Arutt, M.Ed., Certified Clinical Herbalist and Health Coach with Full Potential Living and took her amazing 5-week course designed specifically for Health Coaches.

Robin’s thyroid course was so freaking helpful that I wanted to share it with you.


What I love about Robin’s approach is that she created a multi-directional, holistic, whole-body approach to naturally heal the thyroid from the inside out.

“Mastering Thyroid Imbalance for Health Coaches” brings together:

  • The science to understand the health implications.
  • The coaching strategies to help clients succeed.
  • Thyroid lab tests – how to order and understand them.
  • Re-brandable client materials for your own use.
  • Steps and scripts to build referral relationships with doctors.
  • Ongoing support of a fellow coach community.

Robin gives ready-to-use resources in an accessible way that is designed to enhance your knowledge to bring life-changing results so you can help more people (including yourself!) in just a few short weeks! #howcoolisthat

And, even if you AREN’T a Health Coach, you will benefit greatly from this course if you suspect you have a sluggish thyroid too. #everyonewins

Sign up HERE for the current Fall Registration Special of “Mastering Thyroid Imbalance”.

But, hurry, cause the course begins on September 28th!  I have personally benefited from Robin’s course so I am proud to be an affiliate for her program.

If YOU want to support your throat chakra and get your thyroid thriving, check out the course and share it with a friend who might benefit. We women have to help each other in supporting ourselves, our bodies and our businesses as much as we can!

Here’s to thriving thyroids, to healing imbalances, and to supporting your throat chakra!

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