If you put legal protections in place for your business, does that mean you have a scarcity mindset?

I was browsing in a Facebook group the other day and a gal was saying that if you fear that someone is going to swipe your website copy or steal your program content then you are approaching the world with a scarcity mindset.

Is that true?

  • If you worry about website copycats, are you taking a fear-based approach?
  • If you are concerned that a client might steal your program idea and create a program that’s (ahem!) pretty much the same, does that mean you are paranoid?
  • If you are stressed because you worked SO hard on your new opt-in and you know it is AH-MAZING, are you operating at a low frequency?

I think not.

In fact, I KNOW not.

Okay, okay, I get that when you do ANYTHING from a place of fear, you are not vibrating at a high frequency. This is absolutely true. When you are scared and worried, you are sending out low-vibrating emotions into the world which can attract more of the same. #pointwelltaken #thelawofattaction #yougetwhatyougive

But, who said that taking legal steps has to be done from a fear-based place at all?

When I work with my clients, I teach that legal protections are loving containers, clear energetic boundaries, and supportive structures to hold and contain your creative baby – your business.

There is NOTHING fear-based about taking that approach to your business.

Legal protection does not have to be scarcity-based AT ALL.

In fact, I strongly believe taking legal steps actually RAISES your vibration because you have taken measures to honor your own work and business.

  • You feel CONFIDENT when you know your work has a strong legal foundation.
  • You feel EMPOWERED when you have taken measures to safeguard your programs, your opt-ins, and your website that you spent HOURS and THOUSANDS of dollars on.
  • You RELAX when you feel SAFE knowing your have properly set up your business.

The last time I checked, feeling confident, empowered, relaxed and safe are HIGH VIBRATION emotions. Not scarcity-based at all.


Like most things in life, it’s all how you FRAME it.

Do you desire to feel confident, empowered, relaxed and safe when it comes to your business?

Yeah, me too.

Using Client Agreements with one-on-one clients, having strong Website Terms & Conditions that tell copycats what happens if they swipe your copy, and requiring group program participants to “check the box” to agree to your Terms of Use before they purchase your program are all HIGH VIBRATION steps to honor your hard work, create clear expectations and protect your income. #highvibebiz

When you look at legal steps from a positive and loving perspective instead of coming from a place of fear or scarcity, you instantly see why taking legal steps is one of the FASTEST ways to raise your business vibe.

But, don’t take my word for it. Check out what some of my clients have said for themselves:


Do any of those clients sound like they are coming from fear-mongering or a scarcity-mindset?


Their “chakras are spinning” and they are feeling “secure, empowered, and legally covered” (as Dawn so eloquently put it.)

  • Do YOU want your chakras spinning too? #chakralove
  • Do YOU want to vibrate at a high frequency in your biz?
  • Do YOU want to get away from the Negative Nellies and look at the law with light and love?

Good! Cause I’ve got an easy-peasy (not to mention f.r.e.e.) way to do so!

It’s a LIVE webinar series that I am co-hosting with Gena Shingle Jaffe.

In 4 webinars, we take you through Legal Biz Basics like corporate entities, contracts, website documents and independent contractors – and answer your legal questions on the spot (cause we know you have questions!)

The first live webinar was last week (but no worries – you can put away the tissues! You can still catch the replay HERE.  We still have 3 more LIVE webinars – which means 3 more times you can get legal help without paying a cent. (That’s super rare, we know!) #legallove

Tune in to watch the free Damsel goes bare LIVE webinars here!

Here’s to tossing out scarcity mindsets, always coming from a place of love, and operating a high vibe biz!

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