This past weekend I was in NYC because I spoke LIVE with Gena Shingle Jaffe at the THRIVE NYC Conference AND we had a photo shoot that was even better than the vanilla sprinkles cupcake that we got at Magnolia Bakery!

(And let me tell you, that cupcake icing is TO DIE FOR!)

We took a bazillion photos at the Hotel Eventi, Magnolia Bakery, and the Kate Spade store on Bleeker Street.

The adorable Kate Spade employees even let us COME IN the store and pose with their props – they were sooo generous and kind (so if you’re feeling the need to shop, head over to KS for their big sale!)

Between the photographer, Gena and me, there were 3 Geminis, 4 hours of shooting. 5 outfit changes and 822 images! WHEW!

Here are a few samples from the shoot… (not even touched up at all – hello flyaways!)

Lisa NYC photoshoot

AND I spent some quality time with my sweet husband Scott as we stopped by the Today Show, sat on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to watch the (never-ending!) parade, and dined at Fig & Olive on – you guessed it! – figs and olives!

You could say it was an EPIC NYC weekend!

So on Periscope on Monday, I felt drawn to share my 3 main takeaways from the THRIVE in NYC conference and I just had to share them with you….

1. Go ALL IN.

This was a biggie. Go ALL IN with everything you do in your business.

Make a commitment to be true to your message.

Commit to showing people who you really are and telling people what you truly believe – even if you are afraid they won’t dig it – and go all in to stand behind your beliefs.

Trust me, it’s not easy to show up this way. In fact, It can be ridiculously scary. Truth be told, I’m working on this myself a lot lately with my own coaches and healers. I mean, how many lawyers talk about the law being connected to the chakras?See what I mean?

And I have sooooo much more to share that I haven’t even begun to express yet. (Can you relate?)

But, I was reminded that when we know something to be true, we need to go all in and commit to sharing it because someone out there wants and needs to hear exactly what you have to say. I second that!

2. Be Super (Freakin’) Persistent.

Whatever it is you are driven by and passionate about, be incredibly persistent about getting what you want….well, within the bounds of integrity and the law, of course!

Don’t let anything stop you.
Don’t let the naysayers get in your way.
Don’t let your own inner mean voice talk you out of it (it’s just trying to keep you safe.)

Be powerfully compelled to go after what you want and go for it without worrying about HOW it will happen or WHEN it will happen. Leave that part to the Universe/God/Source/Higher Powers than little ol’ us.

Just focus on WHAT you want and WHY you want it and DO THINGS to move in that direction. One tiny step at a time.

The rest will unfold once the Universe sees you are serious about it and you’re going ALL IN. (See #1.)

3. Get Support.

This sounds obvious, right? But, truly, how much support have you let yourself receive lately?


We all try to do so much by ourselves, but trust me, we cannot do this biz thing alone.

I know that I myself need my spiritual healers, coaches, friends, peers, team members, family, beautiful hubby and my many tribes to feed my soul and fuel my biz. A gigantic team to help me with EVERYTHING.

I have to RECEIVE to be able to GIVE.

And so do YOU!

Make sure you are allowing yourself to receive support from whoever helps you feel propped up so you have the power and the courage to go forward to do what you REALLY want to do…whatever that is!

(Cue Oprah.) One thing I know for sure… if you go it alone, you won’t last very long.

Be vulnerable and share your hopes and dreams with your peeps and RECEIVE, RECEIVE, RECEIVE.

Let people help you – and you’ll get there much faster. (You already knew that, right? This was just a gentle reminder)

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Here’s to beautiful photo shoots in NYC, yummy cupcakes with sprinkles & free biz tools to RECEIVE, RECEIVE, RECEIVE!

With Legal Love™,

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