The other day, during a free Legal Chat, an entrepreneur (let’s call her Jane) said that she cut-and-pasted random legal language that she found on the internet and she wondered if it would protect her.

(I get asked this question all the time.)

I commended Jane for her intention to try to put legal protections in place. I love love love that Jane actually searched for language because she knows the importance of protecting her business, creating a strong legal foundation, and energetically shoring up her boundaries.

I told Jane that despite her good efforts, however, the generic legal language that she found on the internet may have gaping holes that she may not be aware of, leaving her legally naked and exposed.

holes the size of swiss cheese

How come?

  • Random legal language may not be specifically crafted for online entrepreneurs like Jane.
  • Random legal language may not be appropriate for Jane’s area of expertise.
  • Random legal language may not even apply to Jane’s situation at all.

You don’t want holes the size of swiss cheese in your legal disclaimers and documents.

That’s for sure. #reallynotagoodidea

That’s why I created get legally covered so you can go bare, the legal course for entrepreneurs.

So you stop random cutting and pasting that isn’t fully protecting you and get your legal docs set up right.

I don’t want you flailing about trying to figure it all out on your own. Cause that’s not fun. Or effective.  Or beneficial.

One of the things most important to me when I was creating this course was that you receive tons of support and guidance as you take these key legal steps – with lots of Legal Love™.

In the legal course, you receive:

  • 8 legal documents + checklists specifically created just for online entrepreneurs (Because traditional lawyers have NO about opt-in gifts, Ontraport, or online courses!)
  • Video clips of legal tips that are fun, interesting and COLORFUL clips about WHAT the documents are and WHY they are important so the law isn’t a total snoozer. (I even dress in each video to match a chakra!  #notyourtypicallawyer)
  • Audio guides for each document so you know exactly WHEN to use it and WHERE to fill it out so you’re not filling them in on a wing and a prayer. (All in 1 hour or less a week.)

You don’t have to struggle or try to piece random legal language together on your own anymore.

I have created the perfect online legal course just for you so that it’s like I pulled up a chair next to you to guide you right through the course.

You feel supported, protected, and confident knowing you are taking the right steps to protect the business you have worked so hard to build.


Join us TODAY and sign up at

You’ll walk away with everything you need to create a strong legal foundation in one place and for an INCREDIBLE rate, created by a lawyer who totally gets you and your business.

Legal documents in one simple, easy course that are written in plain English and totally affordable. What more could you want?

Sign up now at and don’t wait! Doors close on Monday 4/20 – that’s when the course begins!

Trust me, you will be glad you stepped up, got your legal ducks in a row and did it right so you can stop lying awake at night worrying about whether cutting and pasting is leaving you with holes the size of swiss cheese.

Give yourself – and your business – this gift of peace of mind so you can relax and get back to creating your work and sharing your heart and soul with the world.

Join us to get legally covered so you can go bare! Sign up today!

Here’s to the end of cutting-and-pasting and to getting legally covered – starting TODAY!


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