Wow! I recently had a personal branding photo shoot with Wendy Yalom in Boston!


Talk about glamour. Talk about professional. Talk about style.

I’ve had a couple of professional photo shoots for my business, but never with Wendy in her upscale-downtown-super-high-vibe-style!

If you know Wendy, you know that she jet sets all over the globe to do photo shoots for powerhouse women such as Carey Peters and Stacey Morgenstern of Holistic MBA and world-renowned Divine Living business and lifestyle coach Gina Devee – and now me! #pinchingmyself

Wendy takes photo shoots to whole new level of “I’ll have what she’s having.

She thought of everything, including…

  • A day of photos at 6 beautiful locations in Boston all over the city – and, yes, that included 6 outfit changes!
  • An AMAZING makeup artist Caitlin Murphy (who had just done makeup the day before for TV/movie star #monicapotter)
  • A gorgeous lunch at a cute outdoor cafe on Beacon Hill
  • An Uber Black personalized driver (this adorable guy named John) telling me how great I looked in every outfit
  • A gift of handmade raw chocolate with raspberries and rose essential oil that she brought me all the way from San Francisco

Oh! And, I can’t forget to mention her knack for sweet-talking the security guards at the Massachusetts State House to get the perfect backdrops. #thepowerofwomen

Every part of our 10-hour day was AH-MAZING!

You can hear all about my clothes, makeup, locations and the SURPRISING result from my photo shoot in this Periscope video:

If you’ve ever had a photo shoot before, you know it can be really freaking scary!

What if people will think that the photos aren’t pretty?

Or that my hair looks too flat – or too frizzy?

Or that my curves are showing up in all the wrong places?

Or any number of other things that we girls torture ourselves about when we get photos taken…

Me? I’ve always been a little camera shy. My sister was (and still is) the one who loves the camera.

But Wendy helped me to feel comfortable showing up, like in the photo below. This actually was just a “test shot” so she could frame it and test the lighting, but I used it as an opportunity to…

  • Be fully present and take up space.
  • Be vulnerable and visible.
  • Be totally goofy.
  • Be the “star of the show”.

And you know what happened? As the day went on…

  • I actually felt more and more glamorous.
  • I actually felt more and more beautiful. (which is not a word I use very often to describe myself)
  • I actually felt more and more upleveled.

The surprising result from my photo shoot was that both Caitlin and Wendy noticed that my energy had powerfully shifted to a higher frequency. #bigvibes

At the end of the day, I was standing in my power and showing up for my brand and myself in a whole new way. #themagicofphotos


And you know what’s ironic about that?

That’s exactly what I help other entrepreneurs do!

By taking legal steps and putting legal contracts in place, I help you to:

  • Stand in your power as the leader of your business.
  • Show up in your business with confidence and grace.
  • Be more visible knowing you have a solid legal foundation.
  • Get legally covered so you can go bare.

Because when you legally protect and support your business, you feel safe, secure, confident and free to share your greatest gifts with the world. #myentiremission

When you draw stronger boundaries, create clearer policies and put EVERYTHING in writing, your biz vibe raises and you attract more of what you want. #thelawispiritualtoo

If now is the time for you get your legal ducks in a row so you can SHOW UP authentically and SHINE in your business, feel free to schedule a Legal Chat HERE.

I am soooo excited to see the rest of Wendy’s photos. I’ll get them and share them with you soon!

Here’s to surprising results from photo shoots, standing in your power, and raising your biz vibe!

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