Did you know that when you put legal protections in place, you get practical benefits AND raise your business vibe?

Your business gets more professional and credible while you strengthen your boundaries, plug your money leaks, shift your vibe, and stand in your power.

When you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, all you want to do is GIVE and HELP others…which sometimes means that own self-care, time, energy and money can have fuzzy boundaries, right?

It can be hard to set boundaries and to draw lines. It can feel scary, and uncomfortable because the LAST thing you want is to turn into someone who is cold or callous and uncaring.

When you serve your clients from the heart and draw loving boundaries, trust me, you will NEVER become a cold or callous business owner. #nevergonnahappen


Because your “come from” is straight from your HEART. Not your mind. Or your ego. Or your pocketbook. You are serving directly from your HEART.

Boundaries are a GIFT to you – and to your clients.

When you put boundaries in place around your time, energy, and money, you can come from a place of love and service – which serves you AND your clients.

Legal documents are the best and easiest ways to put powerful, loving guardrails in place so your clients won’t fall off of the road.

When your clients have CLARITY about their own desires and your expectations, they can see a clear route to success. They can achieve their goals without getting lost in the fog and veering off the road.  #everybodywins

Your legal documents provide them with a safe, clear path that shines the light.

Clarity creates safety. Clarity creates light. Clarity creates ease. Clarity creates freedom.

Clarity raises your business vibe.

In PRACTICAL ways, once you take clear legal steps, you:

  • Limit your liability which prevents “legal pickles” (and lawsuits!)
  • Raise your confidence and professionalism
  • Feel like a “real” business owner
  • Exhale knowing your written contracts and policies have your back
  • Stand taller and in greater business alignment

In SPIRITUAL ways, when you take clear legal steps you:

  • Create strong energetic boundaries (to deter copycats and refund-seeking clients!)
  • Remove the hazy, fuzzy, murkiness that is holding you back
  • Relax knowing your legal docs will do the talking for you
  • Do a happy dance knowing you can avoid uncomfortable, icky conversations
  • Shore up your chakras with legal love



It’s amazing how safe, secure, confident and empowered you feel when you take the right legal steps.

Join me to raise your business vibe with ease and grace in my new legal course:


You’ll walk away from this 8-week legal course feeling:

  • Joy that you have 8 legal documents that are in plain English and ready-to-use
  • Secure that you have all of your ducks in a row
  • Confidence that your business is legally covered
  • Empowered to create whatever you want knowing your legal docs have your back
  • Higher biz vibes knowing you are creating clarity, ease, light and freedom for yourself – and your clients.

The course starts on Monday 4/20. Registration is open now.

For course details and to sign up, go to lisafraley.com/gobare.

But act quickly if you want the Fast Action Bonus of 2 private coaching hours with me because this bonus only lasts through TONIGHT Monday 4/13 at 11:59pm – and I don’t want you to miss it!

Here’s to setting loving boundaries with clear legal docs and to raising your business vibe!


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