Have you ever had a client or a customer ask you for a refund? Doesn’t it feel so completely frustrating and discouraging when that happens?

After all, you have worked hard to put your program or product out there and you want your clients to be happy with it.

But, sometimes someone buys your program and then gets cold feet and they come back to you requesting a refund. (Ugh! Hate when that happens!)

What do you do? Do you give them a full refund? A partial refund?  NO refund at all? And what should your refund policy even say to protect you?

It’s critical to have a clear, strong refund policy in place.

That’s why I’m having a free legal training on “How To Write a Strong Refund Policy” on Wednesday, September 2nd!

free legal call

Wednesday September 2nd
 7 pm ET/6 pm CT/5 pm MT/4 pm PT

What you’ll learn:

  • MY BEST LEGAL TIP about refund policies
  • HOW TO DECIDE what kind of refund policy to have
  • WHAT EXACTLY TO SAY in your refund policy to make it rock solid

And, the most exciting parts?

  • You get a free, ready-to-use REFUND POLICY TEMPLATE during the call that you can easily personalize for you and your business! #legallove
  • You’re invited to the LIVE LEGAL Q&A CALL on September 10 to ask me any legal question you want with host Gina Gomez, Business Coach & Creator of Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes.
  • You’ll get a SNEAK PEEK into the fall version of get legally covered so you can go bare, the LIVE legal course for entrepreneurs that gives you templates and legal docs, coaching calls, private access to me, bonuses (and more!) so you won’t be legally naked anymore!

To sign up for the call and get your Refund Policy Template, go to www.lisafraley.com/refundpolicy

If you can’t make it live, don’t worry! The call will be recorded.

Do YOU need a strong refund policy?  Yeah, I thought you might…which is why I’m hosting this call!

Here’s to getting legally covered – with the right refund policy!

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