One of the things I love most is answering your legal questions like I did last night in a Legal Q&A Call with my fabulous host Gina Gomez, Business Coach and Creator of Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you the Legal Q&A Call recording HERE.

You know the best part?

I talked about how my approach as a Holistic Lawyer® helps me totally “rock my weird”.

Here’s what I mean by that:

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I used to think the law was supposed to be serious and logical and all buttoned up.

I thought I was supposed to be a straight no-nonsense, “just the facts, ma’am” kind of gal. Not super-fun at all, right?

I thought that the law had to be purely factual and logical. NEVER did I think for one second that it could be spiritual or even “woo-woo” (heaven forbid!)

Until one day it dawned on me that the law and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.

Not at all.

IF you believe in the law of energy, that is. #boom

Yes, the law of energy.

Which is based in science.

As in Einstein.

Remember back in high school when we learned that E=mc2?  E stands for energy.

That was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

If you can’t specifically remember the Theory – no worries. It’s not important right now. What’s important is that you remember that energy isn’t purely “woo-woo”, “airy-fairy” stuff.

Energy is rooted in SCIENCE.

And science is based on facts and logic.

Just like the law.

Let me explain:

When you take legal steps like creating Client Agreements, Website Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions, you actually get clear, strengthen your boundaries, and expand your business energy, which helps you attract higher frequency clients. Like…

  • Clients who show up on time.
  • Clients who pay you.
  • Clients who are ready to show up and do the work.
  • Clients who are DYING to work with you.

Why is that?

Because when you take legal steps, your energy shifts.

You change the way you approach clients. You feel more confident. You feel safe. You feel empowered. And, believe me, how you FEEL comes across loud and clear in your work….and what comes across to others is all about energy.

I like to call this shift in energy an unexpected “spiritual side effect of the law.” #thelawisspiritualtoo

I promise you that I’m not making this shizzle up!

Check out what Dawn said about how her energy shifted after taking my get legally covered so you can go bare™ legal course for entrepreneurs:


And also Francoise:


Looking at the law through the lens of energy and spirituality is how I rock my weird.

And, let me tell you, it took boatloads of courage for me to get to this point. In fact, it took 2 YEARS for me to fully step into calling myself a Holistic Lawyer® who talks about the spiritual side of the law. But this is who I am and this is what I believe, so I needed to step up and share it. #woowoolawyer

  • Now I talk about how the law and the chakras are related. Like on Periscope, on radio shows, and on my website. All the time.
  • Now I talk about feeling free enough to “go bare” and create whatever you want because you have the right legal protections in place so you are legally covered.
  • Now I encourage you to join me in letting your “freak flag” fly, so you can share your authentic voice and message with the world (but in a way that keeps you out of legal trouble). #getlegallycovered

Now I LOVE rocking my weird.  (Even if other people think it’s totally weird.)

I completely encourage you to fully step into ALL of your sweet-spot, special-sauce, where-the-magic-happens parts of yourself and totally embrace YOUR weird too. #youcandoit

Trust me, once you get over the initial discomfort and vulnerability, it’s totally worth it because it completely sets you apart. There’s NO ONE on the planet exactly like you, and you show up in your work fully aligned with who you are. #authenticityshows

Just make sure you are legally protecting yourself as you do it. Don’t leave your biz and your buns totally exposed.

My legal course “get legally covered so you can go bare” gives you exactly what you need to protect yourself and your biz. It starts September 21st – but the Fast Action Bonus ends TODAY so hop on it!


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Here’s to rocking our weird and letting our freak flags fly – and to getting legally covered so you can go bare!

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