Do you sell essential oils? doTERRA? Young Living? Another brand you love? 

I am a doTERRA distributor myself and while I buy more than I sell (and I spend a fortune every month – ha!) I do love them.

Essential oils have changed my life – and my husband’s.

Two years ago, my husband Scott was ice fishing on a lake here in Maine with friends on a gorgeous Sunday morning when (get ready for this!) a stray bullet struck him in the head and went through his scalp. A nearby hunter failed to estimate how far the bullet would travel, and Scott suffered a scalp and skull injury, horrendous concussion, and lengthy recovery time, but we are so lucky and grateful that he is, for the most part, fine now.

(He still has ringing in his ears and sensitivity to light, but overall, he has recovered. Had the bullet been even 1 inch lower, it would have been an entirely different story.)

The reason I tell you this story is because along with traditional medicine, using essential oils was one of the key factors in my husband’s healing after his injury.

:: Frankincense supported his root and crown chakras and provides tremendous support after trauma.
:: Lavender helped him rest and sleep so that his body could recover.
:: Patchouli and sandalwood grounded his energy.
:: Ylang ylang helped to balance his emotions.

Even today, he still uses essential oils every day (as do I!)

If you use essential oils yourself, you know how powerful they are. (If you are new to oils and want to find out more, contact me here.)

If you sell essential oils as Health Coach or Wellness Practitioner, you know how much they can support others’ self-healing and self-care.

I wanted to take a moment to help you know what you legally can – and can’t – say when educating others about the benefits of essential oils so you can keep yourself safe.

Here are two important legal tips if you you are in direct sales:


1. Don’t make medical claims.

  • Don’t do this: Don’t say things like “this oil will heal your eczema” or “this oil was what cured my digestive issues.” (and tell your team members too!).
  • Do this instead: Share the BENEFIT of what the oil can do and cite scientific evidence…like “Studies have shown that lavender has a relaxing effect on the body” or “Lemon oil is great for cleaning, detoxifying, and adding to your water. It also has a refreshing effect, and it’s good to boost your mood and support the solar plexus chakra.”

See how you didn’t say that it would “heal” or “cure” anything? #‎keepitlegal

One of the absolute BEST ways to protect yourself and your business from anyone coming after you is with a Website Disclaimer.

Your Website Disclaimer gives you detailed, thorough language that disclaims your liability. It tells visitors that you give helpful tools and tips on and through your website but they need to use their own judgment before applying anything to themselves.

(Need one in a pinch? This week Gena and I are offering a Website Disclaimer special, which allows you to do it yourself, save money, and get covered 24/7.)

2. Don’t link your essential oil website to your own website.

The essential oil companies are cracking down on this because they are under scrutiny from the FDA about #1 above – people making medical claims about oils.

  • Don’t do this: The oil companies don’t want you to link your website directly to your personalized oil company page (like doTERRA, for example.)
  • Do this instead: You can talk about the benefits of oils generally (WITHOUT naming the company) on your website and have an opt-in box that they can click on to be sent more info about the oils and THEN in your opt-in/autoresponder you can connect them to the company page. Or you can schedule a time to talk with them about the oil company specifically.

Want more legal tips like this?

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Here’s to getting legally enlightened about how to keep yourself safe when it comes to essential oils!

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