Yesterday I was thrilled to present a free webinar with Alexis Saloutos, founder of Chakredy® on how to open the flow of energy through our chakras.

Alexis not only performed free virtual Chakra Assessments for us (yes, she can do this from anywhere!), but she shared with us her signature system, The Chakredy™ System.

This system was so powerful, that it took her from energetic debilitation to vulnerable confidence, alignment and embodiment.

Her game-changing program, The Chakredy™ Immersion empowers you with the same type of transformation.


What I love about Alexis is that she gives you the context, tools and guidance to use your intuition and your sensitivity as your superpower. #supercool

She teaches you how to connect the dots, weave together your gifts, and apply them in a focused, systematic way that produces tangible results.

Alexis has been one of my own personal energy healers and I am proud to have taken her Chakredy Immersion course and also been trained in her Chakredy® Chakra Assessment Method Level 1 Training,  so I know Alexis and her work first-hand! I can attest that part assessment, part healing method, the Chakredy™ System is a game changer.

I took Alexis’s course personally a few months ago to learn more deeply about the chakras and I am really excited and honored to share her work as an Affiliate for her.  Based on personal experience, this  program can help you, both personally and professionally, to:

  • Identify + prioritize energetic imbalances
  • Provide your clients with tangible information + measure progress
  • Support remote energy work
  • Facilitate your clients’ intuitive development
  • Apply your already developed skill set (whether your background is in yoga, coaching, nutrition, medicine or meditation) to this transformative platform to direct your focus and connect the dots.
  • Help your clients experience quantifiable results (and yes, we’re still talking energy!)

Learn more and register for The Chakredy™ Immersion HERE.

Her program begins on January 11th so it’s a beautiful gift to give yourself during this holiday season.

Here’s to turning your sensitivity into your superpower!

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