Over the past year I have challenged myself to do a lot of SCARY things like…

  • Doing a backflip off of a trapeze at Club Med
  • Becoming a full-time entrepreneur as Legal Coach + Attorney.
  • Launching my first “7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened” e-course (that over 500 people loved!).

But, when my friend and Health Coach Stacy Solie challenged me to show my belly in a #belfie for The Healthy Belly Project on Facebook, it scared the pants off of me!


I have always been VERY modest when it comes to my body, to say the least.

Never one to show much skin.

Only recently did I start wearing bikinis, and I think I have worn dresses that show cleavage only 3x in my LIFE (and I definitely have the cleavage to show!)

So, the ONLY reason I am showing my belly at age 44 (!) for all the world to see is because The Healthy Belly Project works to celebrate bellies of all sizes and helps women to focus on being “healthy” rather than “skinny”.

As Holistic Health and Life Coach + Attorney, I want to empower women to feel good in their skin, live a happy and healthy lifestyle, and be confident, radiant entrepreneurs.

So many women (and men!) have responded positively to my Facebook photo… and then it dawned on me….

Not only is this photo about encouraging women to be courageous enough to accept – and show! – our own bodies, but it is also a nod to shining a light on the 2nd and 3rd chakras, which are the parts of the body associated with birth, creativity, and confidence.

This belly photo is actually more than just a photo of my midriff – it is shining a light on prosperity and money and abundance.

Here’s why:

The 2nd (sacral) chakra is located just below the navel and is the energy center in our body for money, abundance, and pleasure.


The 3rd (solar plexus) chakra is just above the 2nd chakra, and is the seat of our empowerment, self-identity and self-worth.


So not only does the belly (aka abdominal muscles) support our spine and torso in our physical body and do amazing things like birth babies, but it also energetically supports our business as well. Crazy, right?

It’s just like how I talk about legal protections protecting you on a PRACTICAL (physical) level by covering your tail, protecting your income, and increasing your credibility but they also support you ENERGETICALLY by creating loving boundaries and containers to hold and support your work.

Bellies have dual purposes too.

Bellies are amazing!  #bellylove

It’s a well-known fact that most women are NOT happy with their bellies. The belly is one of the body parts that get the LEAST amount of self-love and that is constantly covered up or squished into Spanx or camouflaged with a loose top.

We women are SO critical of our bellies. We say that our belly is “too fat”, “too mushy”, “too bloated”… the list goes on and on.

Yet, the belly is where our creativity and passion lives to birth the very programs and products we want to share with the world.

Don’t you think it’s about time we women started showing our beautiful bellies some more LOVE? 

After all, our belly is directly linked to our abundance and prosperity and money! #whoknew

Trust me, if I can bare my belly on Facebook, you can too! In order to continue to raise awareness for this incredible project, I encourage you to post your own #belfie.  Help me inspire other women to love their bodies too.

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Here’s to courageous #belfies, lots of #bellylove, and free giveaways!

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