You know how I’ve been talking about being more visible lately?

And how freaking scary that has been for me?

Well, this weekend I decided to embrace my inner superhero.

My inner #SHERO, as Wendy Timmons would say. (Wendy’s the host of the THRIVE in NYC conference where Gena & I will be speaking on stage March 18-20th about “4 Legal Musts”.)

I posted this on Facebook on Saturday and got a bunch of responses about how it was fun to see my Silly Superhero Side come out. #abouttime



But, full confession, it was also a stretch for me to imply that I am Super-anything.

Would that be perceived as boastful – or ridiculous – or self-centered?

Clearly, it’s a joke, but you know those cray-crazy inner voices we all have yammering at us, right? This is what mine said. #innergremlin #innermeangirl #innercritic

But, even though I could hear that mean voice, I decided to own that I am a #SHERO.

And, by the way… so are YOU!


(Unless, of course, you are a guy and then you are a #HERO.)

We ALL can…

  • Stand in the spotlight with our hands on our hips.
  • Leap over tall buildings in a single bound.
  • Fly through the air and and save the city.

But, sometimes, we just need a little help from our friends – and our community.

To help us find our cape.
To help us find our confidence.
To help us find the tools we need to launch our next course, sign our next client, or give our next presentation.

Sometimes, we need a program like B-School to show us the way and a community to hold us up as we grow.

I know I couldn’t have found my inner superhero without the B-School community. No way, Jose.

B-School was a serious game-changer for me.

Because of B-School, I have:

  • Met some of my closest friends (no joke!)
  • Partnered with B-Schooler Gena Shingle Jaffe to create our Damsel goes bare LITE program
  • Hired 3 talented VAs (including Amy Kozak, my current VA!)
  • Joined a weekly Spiritual Mastermind led by Sacred Branding Coach & Writer Mike Iamele
  • Hired COUNTLESS business coaches & spiritual healers over the past 4 years
  • Been flooded with literally HUNDREDS of amazing clients!!!! (So grateful!)
  • Joined a monthly in-person live Maine Rockstars Mastermind with other local B-Schoolers



Who knew so many cool B-Schoolers live in Maine, of all places? (And some of the Rockstars are even missing from this photo!)

TODAY is the day to decide if B-School is for you. The doors close tomorrow.

If you’ve been on the fence, it’s time to hop over it now because the clock is ticking. #ticktock

Join B-School HERE & get our Damsel goes bare™ LITE program for FREE!

You’ll receive 4 legal templates, 3 live calls with Gena and me and get your biz protected with ease!

B-School bonus

Bring out your inner superhero, join the B-School tribe, and get a soulful legal course with sparkles from Gena and me. *glitter toss*

Truly, what more could you want?

You should know that as a B-School Affiliate, I will earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link. (Full disclosure, Loves!)
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