You want to run your business, serve your clients, and feel really, really good about it, right?

You know you’ve been put on this earth to help people, so that’s a huge part of your business.

But that’s kinda hard when you’re….

  • Worried if you’re doing what you’re “supposed” to do to protect yourself. You may have already purchased the URL you really wanted, but you have a feeling that’s not enough. (It isn’t!)
  • Unsure what those contract terms your web designer sent you really mean, and it’s making you wonder if you also need a contract for your clients. (You do!)
  • Guessing at what a “privacy policy” is and says. (It has to do with making sure people don’t sue you!)
  • Googling how to trademark and copyright, and wondering which one you should do. (They’re totally different!)
  • Looking to create a “legit” business entity, but your head is spinning about how to do it. You have a friend of a friend who did her own, but it’s expensive and scary, and what if you mess it up? (Nightmare!)

Trust me, Gena and I totally get it.

And we know that you’re a lover, not a fighter.

Guess what?

We’re lovers too.

We’re not your average attorneys, so we wanted to create an experience for YOU that is anything but average. We are all about combining the best of each of us to create a totally unique offering for you.

As you probably know, my soul’s purpose is to help you balance your business with your chakras so you can feel safe and secure to create anything that you want.

Gena’s special gift is to combine sparkly confetti with real talk so you can create freedom and peace of mind with legal-ease.

We are TWO passionate lawyers who care about making a difference in the world.

Whether we’re spreading sunshine and sparkles or soulful love around the world with brilliant, creative business owners, we thrive on helping you set your biz up properly.

We know that you can’t do your best work when you’re worried, confused, or overwhelmed.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you our joint legal course for entrepreneurs, Damsel goes bare™.

Just take a look at how our clients feel after a helping of some of our Legal Love:


Damsel goes bare™ is an 8-week legal course that gives you 8 done-for-you legal documents, 7 LIVE Q&A calls to ask us any question that you want, a private Facebook group and TWO lawyers for the price of one…at your beck and call for 8 weeks. #nowthatsservice

But you need to hurry!

Registration is open for Damsel goes bare™ for only 2 more days. Get all the details and sign up HERE.

We’ll help will cover your business in the most magical way, and walk away confident, savvy, and prepped to run your biz, and make über smart decisions for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

Here’s to sparkles, chakras and cozy legal protection!

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