Guess what?

You are among the first to know that my amazing colleague Gena Shingle Jaffe and I are joining forces to bring you legal tips that are both sparkly AND spiritual!

Yep! Gena and I are both out-of-the-box lawyers who met through Marie Forleo’s B-School and we wanted to combine our Gemini superpowers (we both truly are Geminis!) to bring you the best of both of us through a free video series.

Gena is a “sparkly” lawyer who brings her distinctive love of unicorns and all things pink and adds yummy playfulness to the law. As you know, I am a “spiritual” Holistic Lawyer® and Health & Life Coach who brings chakras and energy and a holistic approach to legal steps for entrepreneurs.

We are thrilled to share with you our F.R.E.E. Damsel Goes Bare video series (who doesn’t love FREE?!).

The series is chock-full of legal tips to help you cover your buns and keep your business from running legally naked. You’ll get videos created by each of us so you can get a taste of our style and substance.


You’ll receive 6 (yes 6!) videos from us that will be e-mailed right to your inbox, including:

  • “Running Your Biz Naked”
  • “How to Keep Wanna-Be Copycats From Swiping Your Copy”
  • “Scary Legal Campfire Stories”
  • “How Do You Know What’s Trademark-Worthy”
  • “Dirty Little Secrets of Client Contracts”
  • “How to Keep Your Clients’ Deets Off the Streets”

In each video, you’ll get a bite-sized taste of our work that has helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs in our respective businesses know what to do to feel safe and secure as a business owner.

Our specialty is adding in a little sparkle and a little soul to teach you what you need to know, but also make the law light, fun, and easy to understand. Check it out for yourself and join us for our free Damsel Goes Bare video series that starts October 16th.

Sign up for the free video series here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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