One of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is speak from the stage.

From cheerleading in high school to being the president of The Junior League of Portland, Maine, I have always come alive in the energy of a live audience.

In September, I’ll be taking the stage at the SHINE Live 2016 conference hosted by Chantelle Adams in gorgeous Kelowna, British Columbia. (My legal Gemini sister/JV partner Gena Shingle Jaffe was invited too but she has a conflict – wah!)


If you don’t know Chantelle, I had the pleasure of connecting with her a few years ago when she contacted me for a Legal Chat. Her speaker training business was in its infancy and I helped to hold the vision for her to step into a new space.

Now Chantelle has grown her business into hosting powerful SHINE live events where you learn how to write your TedX talk and speak on stage. And – my favorite part! – you actually write your talk and practice speaking on stage WHILE at her conferences.

That’s what makes SHINE Live so unique – you learn HOW to do it and then you DO it right there. Brilliant concept, right?

I’m joining a lineup of ‪#biz‎rockstar speakers‬‬ like Bushra Azhar, Amanda Goldman-Petri, Elena Lipson, Jamie Jensen, Allison Braun, Suzanne Hanna, Jenn Scalia, Makenna Johnston, and more from September 21-23.

If you want to learn how to speak on stage and write your first or next TedX Talk, book, or signature talk, this conference is for you.
(The early bird special rate of $497 goes through August 12 so sign up now!)

Read more and join us at SHINE LIVE here.

Speaking of taking the stage, I know a lot of you enjoy speaking on stage too, because I often get asked how to protect yourself when speaking at a live event or conference. (Perfect segue, eh?)

Here’s the easy answer: Use a Speaker Agreement specifically designed for a speaking at live event or conference.

Guess what I have for you? A NEW DIY Speaker Agreement specifically for coaches and online entrepreneurs who speak on stage. YAY!

Why do you need it?

Because using a Speaker Agreement is the BEST way to create clarity with your Event Host when it comes to those murky event details like:

  • who provides audio/visuals for the Powerpoint presentation
  • who provides the handouts
  • what happens if you or the Event Host has to cancel unexpectedly
  • who covers your transportation, meals and lodging
  • when do you need to be at the event (for all of it, or just parts?)
  • what your responsibilities are as a Speaker before and after your talk
  • And, if you’re being paid to speak, your Speaker Agreement also secures your income. Cha-ching!

Whether this is your first speaking gig or you are a seasoned speaker, the DIY Speaker Agreement creates CLARITY and COMFORT for both you and the Event Host so that you are both on the same page about your presentation and expectations.

You’ll see that I’ve created it just for you because it includes whether you can make an offer from the stage and how much the Event Host’s affiliate commission will be. (Generic agreements and bricks-and-mortar lawyers don’t include, or even know about, offers from the stage or affiliates!)

The NEW DIY Speaker Agreement lets you save money, do it yourself, and get covered quicker than it takes to watch 2 TedX talks. You just complete the Speaker Agreement template and listen to the audio guide while you sip your green tea and fill in the template. Easy-peasy and done.

Have a talk coming up soon where you’re speaking from the stage?

Get your DIY Speaker Agreement (for Live Event or Conference) HERE.

Here’s to SHINE Live, speaking from stage, and to using a Speaker Agreement!

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The DIY Speaker Agreement is a template that you can reuse for each speaking gig, so it’s a super-affordable legal gift that keeps on giving!

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