I am SO excited that over 800 entrepreneurs will be joining me to learn “How to Write a Mini-Disclaimer” in a free legal call this Wednesday, April 8th.

You may be wondering, WHAT exactly is a mini-disclaimer?

A mini-disclaimer is a “disclaimer in a nutshell”.

It’s a first step you can take to start limiting your liability as an entrepreneur.

It lets others know that you aren’t legally responsible for what they do – or don’t do – after they read something you wrote in a blog post, or article, or said in a video or sales page.

WHY is it important to have a mini-disclaimer?

  • It tells others clearly that you are just providing info to help them be better informed and educated.
  • It also tells them that they need to use their OWN judgment before applying what you say to their own life or situation.
  • It shows that you are serious about where you draw your lines and boundaries about what is YOUR responsibility – and what is THEIR responsibility.

This is critical because when you’re a giver (like most entrepreneurs and coaches are!), ALL you want to do is GIVE and help others. #giversgonnagive


When you’re a GIVER, a mini-disclaimer helps you get CLEAR about boundaries.

Sometimes, when you’re a “giver”, you don’t always express to your clients where your boundaries are because:

  • You may not even be sure where your boundaries are yourself, or
  • You don’t want to appear cold or unapproachable by having harsh boundaries.

I TOTALLY get that.

Well, you are going to LOVE knowing that your mini-disclaimer does ALL of the boundary setting FOR YOU!  #musictoyourears

Your mini-disclaimer does the talking FOR you!

When you put your mini-disclaimer on your document, or in your video, or on your PDF, you don’t have to SAY ANYTHING, so it helps avoid awkward conversations by making things more CLEAR. It totally speaks for itself.

That actually empowers you to HAVE boundaries – both physically and energetically – which creates fewer headaches and way more peace of mind for you. #bigsighofrelief

Your mini-disclaimer is a huge GIFT to you, especially if you are a GIVER.

So, how do you write a mini-disclaimer?

Join me for a free legal call where you will receive the EXACT language you need – a mini-disclaimer template!


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Are you ready to let a mini-disclaimer do the talking for you?

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Here’s to getting legally covered, free legal calls, and talking mini-disclaimers!

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