You’re a brilliant biz owner, but you may be feeling less-than-savvy with the legal parts lately. Not to worry, my friend.

Lucky for you, Gena and I have a fab new FREE WEBINAR SERIES to help you learn all of the legal basics you need to know – starting with contracts.

Contracts are the lifeblood of your legal protection. Especially your Client Agreement for your 1:1 clients.

The top 3 reasons why you need to use a Client Agreement are to:

  • Set your expectations with your clients about how you want them to show up for you to better reach their goals.
  • Protect your income by having the exact language you need when a client asks you for a refund or tries to wiggle out of a payment.
  • Spell out everything in advance, in writing, so you both are on the same page – which avoids awkward conversations with your clients later!

Your Client Agreement gives you CLARITY and protects your CASH.

See why having a Client Agreement in place is so important?

It’s time to stop feeling doubt and worry that you don’t have the right legal language in place because you copied and pasted some random contract from the internet (which will leave gaps for sure!) or used someone coach’s contract language (which is actually stealing their intellectual property – seriously, please don’t do that.)

You need to the right language for YOU based on exactly what you do.

This webinar on “The Art of Appealing Agreements” will help you:

  • Get clear on your top client policies with confidence
  • Learn how to set up your written contract to make it official
  • Know what key language NEEDS to be in your contracts to protect yourself

Join us FREE (and for FUN) for our free webinar on Wednesday, April 27th.

You’ll even get the chance to ask us questions LIVE on the line so if you have questions about contracts, bring them to the webinar!

Sign up HERE.

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Gena and I look forward to helping you create a warm, appealing contract that doesn’t scare your clients away! See you LIVE on the webinar!

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