You’re hosting a live event.

You’ve hired a fab photographer to snap images of your attendees. You’ve even put up one of those cool backdrops with your event logo all over it. Your event attendees are all dolled up and waiting to take their picture with you.

You hear yourself say: “Step right up, smile for the camera…and then sign right here.”

Um, what???? Sign right where?

Yep! You want your event attendees to sign your Media Release.

When you snap photos of your attendees and guests, you want them to sign your Media Release right then and there – before they head back to the bar for another glass of wine.

(Or during registration at the start of the event. That works too.)

Why? You need a Media Release to get permission from your guests to share their photos publicly.

Like when you want to:

  • Use photos of clients or attendees on your website
  • Highlight photos or video testimonials in your marketing promo
  • Post images taken throughout the event on social media

You’ll use a Media Release if you want to capture and share these things:

  • Photos
  • Video recordings
  • Audio recordings
  • Written comments
  • Testimonials
  • Anything that has someone’s face, image, voice, words or likeness in it.



Using a Media Release is the best way to ensure that your clients and attendees agree to let you share their images or recordings. You are also telling them that you aren’t compensating them for doing so.

You can feel safe and secure to run your event with ease knowing that you’ve gotten your attendees’ signatures to cover your buns.

If you don’t have a Media Release for your biz yet, no worries, my friend. I did the work for you. The Media Release template is ready for you to download and use.

Get your DIY Media Release HERE.

Here’s to snapping photos with ease and covering your buns at your next live event!

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