Lately, I’ve been trying to share bite-sized info about key legal documents to support you in your work. I love teaching you about exactly what to do to protect the work that you create and to keep you safe and secure. (That’s my “teacher” archetype coming out in full force!)

One of the questions I get asked all the time is “When do I need a Mini-Disclaimer?”

If you’ve written an e-book, created a social media group, or designed Powerpoint slides, I’m guessing that you might have wondered, “Do I need to be adding legal language to protect me?”

The answer, my friend, is YES! It’s called a Mini-Disclaimer.

By the way, “mini-disclaimer” isn’t a legal term. I made up that name 4 ½ years ago as an easy way to identify the language you need to use on documents, materials, slides, handouts, social media pages – basically, everything but your website.

Mini-Disclaimers are just a few sentences long. Short and sweet.

For your website, you’ll want to use a longer, full Website Disclaimer (more like 4-5 pages of robust language). But on your other materials, you’ll want a shorter Mini-Disclaimer to put your clients, purchasers, readers, and attendees on notice as to where YOUR liability ends and where THEIR responsibility begins.

There are 2 ways that disclaimer language protects you:

  1. It creates clarity between you and the other person, which keeps everyone on the same page that you are giving them general information that is designed to help them. But you are not giving them advice because you don’t know the specifics of their situation.
  2. It disclaims liability – which is exactly what it says it does! It says you aren’t liable if they misuse or misread the info in a way that wasn’t intended.



You’ll want a Mini-Disclaimer on everything that you do or write, such as

  • PDFs
  • Program guides
  • Course materials
  • Event handouts
  • Video landing pages
  • Podcast descriptions
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Social media page sidebars

Not sure what your Mini-Disclaimer should say? No matter whether you’re a coach, website developer, online entrepreneur, spiritual guide, or creative magic-maker, the DIY Mini-Disclaimer has you covered.

Get your DIY Mini-Disclaimer HERE and learn the exact wording you need – whether you sell products OR services – so you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to create anything that you want!

Here’s to using a Mini-Disclaimer on all of your juicy stuff!

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