Who would have thought that a trip to the jungle would result in so many biz lessons?

Over the holidays, my family and I spent 10 days in Costa Rica on a private tour with 2 fabulous guides to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday. We saw the country by zip line, sea kayak, outrigger canoe, speedboat, hanging bridges (suspended in mid-air!), a crocodile boat ride, a rainforest mud walk, a behind-the-scenes coffee plantation tour, and a day hike up a volcano. #tripofalifetime

We were surrounded by tons of monkeys, crocodiles/caimans, a bazillion cool-looking iguanas, sloths hanging off of trees (they truly ARE slower than molasses!), gorgeous butterflies, poisonous “blue jeans” frogs, enormous hydrangeas, blue sea crabs, and more crazy-looking insects than I could count.

What I loved the most is that the toucans, scarlet macaws, and green parrots flew around like regular backyard birds! #totallynuts #airbornepopsofcolor #toucansam

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(Photo credit: me!)
 One day during one of our many nature tours, I found myself whipping out my iPhone to jot a quick note-to-self b/c I realized that being in that the jungle is a lot like entrepreneurship. Here’s how I see it:

#1 You’re going to sweat  your buns off. 

In a rainforest – like in business! – it can be hot and sticky. And humid. And sweaty. Your hair’s going to get super frizzy. And, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself sweating the big stuff (“Is ANYONE going to sign up during my launch?!”) and the small stuff (“I totally should be posting more on Instagram.”).

When you know that your hot sweaty self results from stretching out of your comfort zone and flexing a new biz muscle, it helps. What to do? Stick a straw in a coconut and sip away. Nature’s electrolytes make everything better as you learn to ride out the occasional discomfort of your hair frizz and your business expansion.

frizzy hair 2jpg

#2 Sometimes you have to slog through the mud.

It can get muddy in the jungle. Really muddy. Just like in business when you’re in the thick of it toiling away on website copy, sales pages, opt-in gifts, e-newsletters, new products, upcoming launches, the list goes on and on. It gets muddy.

The key is to be mentally ready that you’re going to get down and dirty. Expect it. Plan ahead and block out chunks of time to work without interruption and maximize your energy. Be physically prepared. Eat healthy meals. Get your sleep. And, most certainly, lean on friends (and your team!) and don’t forget to wear tall boots.



#3 Avoid the crocodiles and caimans.

Some things, like the prehistoric reptiles crocodiles and caimans, are deadly demons. Total mood killers. Like people who suck your good energy. Self-criticism. Comparisonitis. Feeling “not enough.” And all those negative things we say to ourselves when we are beating ourselves up inside.

Stay WAY away from these people and thoughts. They can grab you by the leg and snarf you up in one big bite before you even know what happened. So don’t wade into murky waters with crocodiles. (BTW, I had no idea what caimans were until Costa Rica – they’re like small crocodiles. See middle photo. Cute but DEADLY.)



#4 Always have a guide.

Foreign countries, rainforests, and jungles are kind of scary if you don’t know where you’re going. Just like with business, it’s good to have a guide. We had two AMAZING guides in Costa Rica – Gilbert “Chito” and Jorge Mario who taught us so much about the landscape, animals, plants and what to expect as we went through the country. In my own business, I know for certain that I would not have attracted literally hundreds of entrepreneurs or created a multi 6-figure business as a Legal Coach® without the steady guidance of many, many business coaches and mentors. I work privately with a coach at all times. It’s a must.

My coaches are like life vests. I have to do the work to stay above water, but they keep me afloat and focused on the horizon. They hold the vision, help with course-correction, and cheer for me. Please, please don’t try to be brave and go it alone. Invest in a guide (like our knowledgeable naturalist guide Chito!) to lead the way.



#5 Appreciate what’s around you every day.

Every single day, express gratitude. For the opportunity to do what you love – and get paid for it. For the ability to take time away to travel. For the natural wonders of the Universe. For your family. For your clients. For your tribe. For something. For anything. Why? Appreciation breeds appreciation and attracts more good things. Exponentially.

And it makes you feel good right now. Which is most important.

See the joy. Feel the joy. Spread the joy.


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So that’s what I learned from the jungle in Costa Rica.

Can any of these lessons apply to your own life and biz?
What dream vacation are YOU planning to take?

I’d love to hear from you! What would you like to share with me that you have learned from your journey thus far? Feel free to reach out or comment on the blog and let me know!

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Here’s to getting legally covered in 2016, taking life-changing trips to the jungle and spreading the joy!

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