The other day my husband Scott and I enjoyed one of our last ice cream cones of the summer at our little ice cream shack called The Mosquito. And it made me think of my long-time love of ice cream.

Growing up, on my birthday, I was allowed to choose my meal, and without a doubt, EVERY time it would be pizza and ice cream. #myfavoritefoods

Ice cream was just one of the sugary treats that was my constant companion – well into my 30’s!

And I used to be really hard on myself about it. I would beat myself up about how much sugar I ate, and how often I ate it.

I would get frustrated that I could do challenging things like pass the bar exam, run marathons, and land a high-powered job in a big law firm, but I COULD NOT STOP EATING SUGAR.

I really had no idea how addicted I was to sugar.

Until one day I made a commitment to kick the habit. And I did. I ate NO sugar for 6 months straight. It was completely astounding to me that I could actually give up sugar – for a half a year!  #miracleshappen

Once the constant urge to eat sugar was totally out of my system, I realized that I could enjoy it in small doses provided I gave myself two things: (1) freedom and (2) love. (And this is how I still eat sugar today!)

Believe it or not, I now eat sugar without judging myself about how much sugar or what I ate – there’s no more hard self-talk, no portion control, no restrictions at all.

I now give myself the freedom to enjoy what I eat… and love every bite.

When I transitioned from my sugar ADDICTION to CHOOSING to eat sugar in small doses, it was like a lightbulb went off for me. I realized that it was the first time in my life I was actually free from self-judgment.

It was a game-changer. #boom

Not judging myself was one of the most liberating things I have ever done.

I realized it was all about giving myself freedom to enjoy foods that I liked and giving MYSELF more sweetness and love in my life in every way possible.


It’s all about the love.

Which is why as a Legal Coach®, I am all about the Legal Love™. All I want to do is to make the law SWEET and light and fun.


The law can feel scary and confusing and overwhelming, and many traditional lawyers can be SALTY and harsh and unapproachable.

That’s why my approach to the law is ENTIRELY different than most traditional lawyers.


Check out the many ways we differ…

  • I understand online entrepreneurs – because I’m one too!
    Most lawyers don’t know about opt-in gifts, Ontraport, or online courses.
  • I write easy-to-understand documents in plain English.
    Most lawyers still write with legalese and words like “aforementioned” and “heretofore.”
  • I offer packages with installment payment plans – more like a coach.
    Most lawyers bill by the hour and charge you for every 15-minute phone call.
  • I explain every word of a legal document so you know exactly what it says.
    Most lawyers don’t give you hour-long coaching calls to answer your questions
  • I link legal steps to the 7 chakras because the law is practical AND spiritual.
    Most lawyers would think that is waaaaaaay too “woo-woo”.
  • I give away lots of FREE legal info through Legal Chats, posts and calls.
    Most lawyers aren’t taught to come from the “give first” mentality – they “bill first”.

Which is why I am loving you up with a free Refund Policy Template in my free legal call this Wednesday, September 2. 

Join me (and hundreds of other entrepreneurs!) to get the language you need to have a strong refund policy – so you will know exactly what do and say when someone asks you for their money back.

Trust me, when you have a strong refund policy:

  • You don’t have to feel stressed out when someone asks you for a refund.
  • You don’t have to panic when your client freaks out and says they can’t afford your program… after they’ve paid your deposit.
  • You don’t have to beat yourself up anymore for getting in a legal pickle because you “never thought” someone would ask for their money back.

You can be prepared with a clear, written refund policy in place.

Join me for this free legal call HERE and get your ready-to-use template.


The call will be recorded so sign up even if you can’t attend live. Everyone is welcome, whether you are in the US or abroad.

You don’t miss this free legal call! Sign up HERE.

I am all about making the law sweeter with lots of Legal Love – and helping you get legally covered with a strong refund policy.

Here’s to yummy ice cream, refund policy templates, and free legal calls!

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