Ever been caught with your pants down with NO refund policy in place?

Yep. Don’t worry, You’re not alone. It happens all the time to my clients and other entrepreneurs.

Check out this scenario:

You wake up to start you day with a discovery call with a potential client and the call goes really well. You potential clients signs up for your 3-month high-end program. She’s now a client.

She’s super excited. You’re super excited. Everything’s hunky-dory. #winwin

But, out of the blue a few days later, as you’re gearing up for your first call, getting your course materials ready, and tying a bow on her welcome gift…all of a sudden, you get the call.

She wants a refund.

She calls to say that she got in over her head and she shouldn’t have committed so much money and she didn’t really think it through and she is freaking out and she totally apologizes but she wants a refund. #buyersremorse


What are you supposed to do?

  • Give her all her money back?
  • Hold firm and give her NO refund?
  • Give just PART of her money back?

Soooo many coaches and entrepreneurs end up giving refund to clients all because they didn’t have a solid refund policy in place – or ANY refund policy at all. #totallyexposed

It’s frustrating at best and incredible EXPENSIVE at worst to find yourself forking back thousands of dollars only to find out AFTER the fact that it would have been really easy to protect yourself with a strong written refund policy.

A refund policy that is CLEAR.

A refund policy that reflects your VALUE (and values!)

A refund policy that EMPOWERS you to stand your ground.

But, how do you know what your refund policy should say?

So glad you asked.

I am hosting a free legal call exactly on this topic.

Join me for “How to Write a Strong Refund Policy” on Wednesday, September 2nd.


Find out details and sign up HERE.

During this call you’ll learn:

  • MY BEST LEGAL TIP about refund policies (this is important!)
  • HOW TO DECIDE what kind of refund policy to have
  • WHAT EXACTLY TO SAY in your refund policy to make it rock solid

And the most exciting parts?

  • You’ll receive a free, ready-to-use, Refund Policy Template during the call that you can easily personalize for you and your business!
  • You’re invited to the get legally covered Q&A call on Sept 10 to ask Lisa any legal question you want with host Gina Gomez, Business Coach & Creator of Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™.
  • You’ll also get a sneak peek at the Fall version of get legally covered so you can go bare™, the legal course for entrepreneurs!

Join me for this free content-packed legal call. Reserve your place HERE.

Here’s to getting legally covered with a strong refund policy – so you don’t get caught with your pants down!

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