Are you a B-School grad like I am? If so, congrats!

You’re like THOUSANDS of other rockstar entrepreneurs who have learned from Marie Forleo how to identify your ideal client, build your e-newsletter list, deliver online marketing, build a website, and MORE!

In my opinion, it’s by far the best strategic business-building online training program in the world. Hands down.

And once you have worked so hard to uplevel your business tools and structures, it’s scary to think that someone could come along and swipe your work, or not pay you for your services, or steal your tagline, or… you get the picture.

Your next step after B-School is to cover your legal buns in these 4 ways.


legal documents support you to allow the magic to happen. (2)

These 4 documents disclaim your liability, safeguard your website content, assure confidentiality, and protect your group program or online course materials. They are critical legal steps to protect yourself and your business.

1. Website Disclaimer

This base layer of protection disclaims your liability and tells people what you do and don’t do in your biz. It gives you the peace of mind that you have basic legal protection up on your website (so it’s not legally naked) and creates clarity about what your role is so people won’t get confused and come after you.

The Website Disclaimer is your ground level of legal protection for your site.

Click here to get your DIY Website Disclaimer up on your site in less than 1 hour and to learn more.

2. Website Terms & Conditions

Once you have created a content-packed website, you want to protect your copy so someone won’t come along and swipe it. Your Website Terms & Conditions create strong boundaries around your intellectual property and clearly spell out what people can and can’t do with the information on your site.

It helps you know that you’ve covered your buns to keep people from stealing your stuff – and you have the exact legal language you need if they do. #stopswipers #getlegallycovered #gobare

Take a look here at how to create your own DIY Website Terms & Conditions here to protect your website copy.

3. Privacy Policy

If you collect information from people who visit your site, it’s essential, and even required by some state laws (and social media sites!), to have a Privacy Policy up on your site, No joke!

The Privacy Policy explains how you will keep information confidential that is shared with you by your website visitors, like names and email addresses, when people join your tribe or grab your newsletter or opt in gift.

Click here to get a DIY Privacy Policy and show respect and care for information that is entrusted to you.

4. Terms of Use

If you’ve built a group program or online course and you’re getting ready for an upcoming launch, you want to have your Terms of Use in place BEFORE you launch.

Why? Because it tells people what they can and can’t do with your program materials (like your videos, modules, program guide, etc.) and contains your refund policy, payment and online commerce terms, and your intellectual property protections – all of the language you need purchasers to agree to before they click “buy now”.

If you’re launching a group program, info product, or course anytime soon, grab your DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs and Products here so you can protect your program content pronto.

These 4 Legal Musts protect what you learned how to build in B-School so you don’t have to worry or stress about putting yourself at risk or having no legal language to fall back on if you end up in a legal pickle.

The whole goal is to legally protect your stuff and set your biz up properly, so you can just focus on creating cool content, serving your clients, and making money.

When you “get legal”, you uplevel your biz, raise your professionalism, and create strong energetic boundaries to attract more of what you want. #thelawisspiritualtoo

Here’s to graduating from B-school, upping your game, and protecting your biz!

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