As you know, I have been writing about grace and abundance lately.

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, amidst the parades, sparklers and fireworks, I was thinking a lot about FREEDOM.

Freedom, independence and liberty.

I am guessing that one of the things you love about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to have your own business.  #iknowiloveit

The freedom to WORK for yourself.

The freedom to RUN your business HOW you want, WHEN you want, and the WAY you want.

The freedom to offer programs, products or services that reflect your personality, your values, and your brand.  #freedomrocks

Take me, for example.  I am a former Health Care Attorney who is also a Life Coach and a Health Coach.


I can’t help but to bring out my spiritual, holistic, health-minded side when I help entrepreneurs take legal steps.  (That’s why I call myself a Holistic Lawyer®.)

I have the FREEDOM to blend my holistic, heartfelt, spiritual side with my analytical, practical, legal side to offer 7 key legal steps that are aligned with the chakras. #notyourtypicallawyer

And, I have the FREEDOM to coach my clients one-on-one in ways where they feel emotionally safe and secure when entering the “scary” world of law (and lawyers!)

When I worked in a large law firm, I would never have been able to blend both sides of me this way.  I received great training from smart and wonderful lawyers, but the traditional law firm model doesn’t support this creative approach to the law.

As an entrepreneur, you are FREE to do and CREATE whatever you want.

Creativity is associated with the 2nd chakra – your sacral chakra. It also relates to money.

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your income when you “create whatever you want” to use contracts and agreements.

Using a Client Agreement is the #1 way to reduce lawsuits and confusion between you and your clients.

Why? Client Agreements create clarity and comfort for both you and your clients – and so you can avoid frustration and confusion later.

With a Client Agreement you can spell out:

  • your program description
  • your refund policy
  • what happens if your client misses payments
  • what happens if you have a no-show

All of which help to avoid headaches and hassles.

And, when you put your policies in writing, it gives you the FREEDOM to then focus on what you do best in your business…serving your clients and sharing your gifts with the world.

So, in honor of freedom, independence and liberty and the ability to “create whatever you want”, I have a little gift for you. #legallove

I am gifting you with the coupon code FREEDOM to save 30% on Client Agreements through July 31st.



Between all of the flag-waving, cookouts and summer Independence Day fun, be sure to take advantage of this freedom-loving gift to help you get your (hotdog) buns legally covered lickety-split!

Just go to and enter the coupon code “FREEDOM” to save 30%.

Trust me, when you pull out your top-notch, personalized Client Agreement for your next one-on-one client, you will feel a sense of FREEDOM, safety and security knowing that you are protecting yourself and your profit.  (Not only that, but your sacral chakra will thank you too.)

Here’s to celebrating freedom, “creating whatever you want”, and using Client Agreements!

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