iCoach Magazine – THRIVE edition – July 2013

If you are a type-A coach, you want all of your ducks in a row, right?  Perhaps you have wanted to put some legal protections in place for your business, but it is still “on the to-do list”.

You just haven’t gotten around to it. 

When you and your business are protected, and you feel safe and secure, you know you can THRIVE. But, did you know that legal protections also allow you to make more money and be a leader in your business?  Huh?

Here’s why:

– When you are backed by a business entity, you are no longer a kitchen-table hobby.  You are a true-blue operating business backed with legal protection that keep your personal assets separate from your business assets.

– When you have contracts, disclaimers, and privacy policies in place, you are a coach with strong boundaries so clients happily pay you and come back for more.

– When you uplevel your business and increase your energetically frequency, you stand confident and tall, and attract more of your ideal clients.

In other words, when you protect yourself legally, you show up in the Universe like you mean business – and you get more business.

How to Get Started?

Here are three key steps to get your legal ducks in a row:

  1. Create a Disclaimer.  Be clear about what you do as a coach so there is no confusion.  Short is not sweet here – go for length.
  2. Use a Client Agreement. You can still be a warm and loving coach, and have a container to hold your client relationship. Clients love direction and they are looking to you for leadership and guidance.
  3. Add a Terms + Conditions & Privacy Policy. Protect your work and your ideas. Those blog posts and websites take a lot of time to write, and it is okay to want to claim them as your own and protect your creations.

Don’t wait to shorten your legal “to-do” list. It is time to be safe, secure, and legally protected now so you can relax – and then watch yourself thrive!

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