iCoach Magazine – PROSPER edition – August 2013

In order to prosper, we have to take risks…which can feel ridiculously scary. Stretching to higher pricing, sharing new programs, or launching a shiny new website are critical steps for a thriving business. All are achievable, so why do we drag our feet sometimes? What’s the hesitation?

How the heck do we get out of our own way?

Ultimately, we have to be visible and vulnerable and put ourselves “out there” in the world for others to find us to benefit from our services. We know our work has value; yet, we let our fears and anxieties stop us or slow us down. We want to go forward, but we pull back.

The funny thing is that when we feel safe and secure, we can take risks. When we feel safe, we feel relaxed and courageous to launch new things. We know that our self-created FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) is really just trying to protect us from being hurt, exposed or embarrassed. Quite well-intentioned, of course, but fear completely robs us of success.

So how do we help ourselves feel safe so that we can take big risks?

3 Ways to Shift from Feeling FEAR to Feeling SAFE:

  1. Laser Shift Your Perspective. We can shift our feelings in an instant. Poof. Like magic.  Just like that. Instead of worrying that others will reject us or our services, we can hold in our mind’s eye a vision of clients thanking us profusely for helping them immensely. It’s like laser-flipping a switch to an image of instantaneous success and safety. And the more we flip, the stronger it gets. (Sounds half crazy, I know, but it’s just like stretching a new muscle only you are rewiring your brain.)
  2. Remember Abundance. While it may sound a bit “woo-woo”, we sometimes forget that the Universe is amply abundant. There truly is enough for everyone. We just have to open our hearts to receive abundance and trust it will come. (After all, deep down, we believe it will, or we wouldn’t be doing so much work to bring our vision to life now, would we?)
  3. Create Guardrails. When we put in place legal structures to hold our work, we are creating guardrails to keep us – and our business – from driving off a cliff. Containers and boundaries like client agreements, disclaimers, and LLCs keep us safe, secure and legally protected, so we can steer away from fear to focus on the road ahead.  

When we make small shifts in our mindset and business structures to feel more secure, big things can happen.

We just have to shift from fearful to focused, scared to safe, and restrained to relaxed, so we can let ourselves take those risks to PROSPER and thrive.

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